Magic Wand


Energy Charge
Pierces spell immunity. Play
No Target
Instantly restores health and mana based on the number of charges stored. Gains a charge (max 17) whenever a nearby visible enemy uses an ability.
Radius: 1200
Charges per Cast Spell: 1
Max Charges: 17
Health and Mana Restored per Charge: 15
Cooldown symbol.png 13


  • Gains 1 charge whenever a visible enemy unit, including neutral creeps, uses an ability within the radius.
  • Passively triggered spells (e.g. Quill Spray, Borrowed Time, Multicast, Reincarnation) do not add charges.
  • When having multiple Magic Wands or Magic Sticks in the inventory, the oldest one gains charges first. If it is full, the second oldest one starts to gain charges.
  • Upon upgrading a Magic Stick into a Magic Wand, all its current charges are carried over.


Item Changelogs   Item   Changelogs     Contents 1 Version history 2 Update history Version history edit] Version Changes 6.84 Reworked recipe and stats Old Magic Wand: Recipe: Magic Stick (200), 3x Iron Branch (150), Recipe
Magic Wand
A simple wand used to channel magic energies, it is favored by apprentice wizards and great warlocks alike.
Bought From
Common Not to be confused with an item s Quality. Rarity is a property of cosmetic items. It is represented in-game by the item s color theme. Rarity is a purely cosmetic property, and has no effect on
Active Energy Charge
Charges 0
Bonus +4 Strength Strength is the attribute that grants health and health regeneration. For each point of strength a hero gets: 20 Health 0.06 Health regeneration Additionally, strength heroes also get 1 attack damage per strength point. To dota2
+4 Agility Agility is the attribute that grants armor and attack speed. For each point of agility a hero gets: 0.14 (1/7) Armor 1 Attack speed Additionally, agility heroes also get 1 attack damage per agility point. dota2
+4 Intelligence Intelligence is the attribute that grants mana, mana regeneration and spell damage amplification. For each point of intelligence a hero gets: 11 Mana 0.04 Mana regeneration 0.07% Spell damage Additionally, intelligence heroes also get 1 dota2
Disassemble? No
Alert allies? No

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  • Magic Wand allows you to get a quick burst of healing in dire situations, or to use one last ability in a fight. Even during the midgame, when the boost is less noticeable, a Magic Wand can still save your life if you are in danger.
  • The Magic Wand makes an excellent item against heroes that spam abilities while in the lane, as the charges can help to mitigate damage you take, or to cast more of your own abilities. It is very versatile, and never a bad item to have.
  • In addition, the Iron Branches needed to build the Magic Wand are common to buy early on in the game, giving a suitable route of making a cost effective build, and emptying up the inventory space without having to sell items.

Additional information

Recommended heroes

  • Roaming gankers who provoke a lot of nearby spellcasting gain a lot of early charges, quickly filling up the Magic Wand.
  • Heroes with a higher than average Armor or Magic Resistance benefit more than most from a reusable burst heal.
    • Medusa is a notably strong Magic Wand user, as her mana can be used as effective HP, and if she runs out of mana, Magic Wand can be used to restore enough mana to cast Mystic Snake, gaining further mana.



Magic Wand (also known as Wand) is an Upgrade item listed in the Common section of the Home Shop, that can give heroes an instant burst of health and mana. It is built from Magic Stick, 2 Iron Branches, and a Circlet.

As an upgrade of Magic Stick, it provides provides the same functionality but adds 7 more maximum charges over its components. The Magic Wand is among the most cost efficient items in the game; it has an easy item build up and can offer more survivability than a Bracer with enough charges.

Charges are generally best saved and used at critical moments rather than used simply to sustain a hero. The exception to this advice is when laning against Batrider or Zeus, heroes rely on spamming certain abilities for lane control, making charges abundant for use in lane.


Energy Charge
Ability: No Target
Affects: Self
Gains charges based on visible enemy heroes using spells or abilities nearby.

Health / Mana Restored:
Maximum Charges:
Charge Gain Radius:
₠15 per charge

  • Attack Modifiers do not add charges.

Recommended Heroes

Most heroes, especially supports and gankers, benefit from this item. However, for carries and some junglers, it is only situational because they often spend much of the early game farming and not being the target of spells.

Version History

Patch Version Balance Changes
  • Requirements from Magic Stick + 3 Branches + Recipe, to Magic Stick + 2 branches + Circlet
  • All attribute bonus from 3 to 4
  • Max charges increased from 15 to 17
  • No longer loses charges when upgrading from Magic Stick
  • AoE for gaining charges reduced from 1600 to 1200
  • No longer give you charges if a spell was cast from the fog of war
  • Recipe cost increased from 125 to 150
  • New Item

WC3 DotA Version

  • Warcraft III DotA - Magic Wand