Town Portal Scroll


Pierces spell immunity. Play
Target Point / Channeled
Teleports you to a target friendly building. Double-click to teleport to your team`s base fountain.
Cast Range: Global
Min Targeting Distance to Building: 70
Max Targeting Distance to Building: 575
First Channel Time: 3
Second Channel Time: 5
Following Channel Time Increase: 0.5
Recent Teleport Check Radius: 1150
Recent Teleport Check Duration: 25
Cooldown symbol.png 80
Mana symbol.png 75
Buff Teleporting: Undispellable.


  • Both are visible and audible to everyone. The visual effect is also visible on teleporting invisible enemies.
  • Also marks the point on the mini-map for allies. The mark is in the player`s color and lasts as long as the channeling does.
  • The teleport is not cancelled when the target building is destroyed during the channeling.


Every hero should try to always carry a Town Portal Scroll, with a few exceptions such as Nature`s Prophet in the early game who has a Teleportation spell. In the late stages of a game the Town Portal Scroll may be replaced by Boots of Travel. While many new players rely on Town Portal Scrolls to exclusively go between their lane and spawn, teleporting to gank enemies and defend towers is incredibly important at all levels of play.

The Town Portal Scroll is also used to escape death and unwanted situations, such as ganks, by teleporting to a safe location. Teleporting will disjoint most but not all projectiles targeted at the user. This usage is important to gameplay as players will rely on the Scroll to facilitate split pushing, ganks, and other strategic movement around the map. Additionally this makes some heroes, such as Bloodseeker and Venomancer, easier to escape from as these heroes do not have any spell that can break the channeling of the teleport.

Along with Smoke of Deceit the Town Portal Scroll should be a priority when playing support. In most cases it precedes importance over Brown Boots. Generally considered your first item as a support you buy at the side shop. Versus very passive opponents where you don`t have to TP to defend dives, the money can be banked for boots or Smokes for roaming.




  • Town Portal Scrolls are arguably the most important mobility items in the game and should be carried by every hero. They can easily prevent deaths or make kills possible when used correctly.
    • When getting ganked, the teleport can be used to escape. Be that as it may, one has to make sure first that the enemy cannot interrupt the teleport, by either waiting until they use their disables first, or by hiding/obstructing vision in case of single-target disables and teleport while they have no vision.
    • Inversely, they can also be used to teleport to help an ally who is getting ganked. The incoming teleport may cause enemies to retreat and give up chasing the ally and thus not get a kill, or they still go for it and risk losing some of their heroes in return. It is well worth to cancel the teleport if the enemy decides to give up chasing, costing the player 50 gold, but preventing the enemy from gaining gold and the ally from losing gold and time.
  • Their very cheap cost makes it very easy to buy them frequently, which is fully worth it, even in the very late game. One should only stop carrying teleport scrolls when having Boots of Travel   Item   Changelogs     Boots of TravelB Winged boots that grant omnipresence. Cost2400 (2000) Bought FromCommon Active Teleport Bonus +100 Movement speed Disassemble? No Alert allies? No Recipe The Boots of Travel are dota2 , or when feeling safe enough and having other sources of high mobility.
  • As a carry, Town Portal Scrolls can be used to speed up farming, by teleporting from lane to lane after clearing the waves through to the enemy`s next tower. Instead of having to walk to another place to farm, the teleport can be used to instantly get to the next farm location and keep on farming.
  • In the lategame, teleport scrolls are crucial to fight against split-pushing enemies. When being far away from a tower which is getting pushed, a teleport is the only way to get there fast and defend the tower. This also goes for base-racing. When the enemy team is faster, teleporting back to base to defend can be the game-winning move.

Additional information


  • In the original DotA, this item was called "Scroll of Town Portal".



Town Portal Scroll (also known as Teleport Scroll, TP Scroll, or simply TP) is a basic fast travel item purchasable at the Home Shop and Side Shop under Consumables. It is fully shareable and stacks with itself in the inventory.


Ability: Point Target
Affects: Buildings
Teleports you within close range of a target friendly building. While channeling, gives vision of the target area and pings the minimap. Teleporting to a non-fountain building takes additional time if any allies have also teleported near the target recently.

Base Channel Time:
Extended Channel Time:

Recent Teleport Radius:

Recent Teleport Time:
Building Range:
Cast Range:
₠5 / 5.5 / 6 / 6.5 for
₠1 / 2 / 3 / 4 recent uses

  • The extended channel time penalty radius is centered around the recent teleport`s location. This allows a player to circumvent the penalty time by teleporting to a location 1100 units away from the previous teleport location.
  • Only Town Portal Scroll teleports increase/receive the penalty. All other teleports do not count and are not affected.
  • If further than 1500 range away from the fountain, double clicking will teleport the user directly to the fountain.
  • Gives 200 flying vision of the target area that lingers for 1 second.
  • Destroys trees within 200 range of the teleport destination.
  • Shares cooldown with Boots of Travel.
  • When teleporting, an obvious visual effect is visible to all players. The visual effect also includes the player`s color.

Recommended Heroes

Recommended for nearly all heroes throughout the game.

Version History

Patch Version Balance Changes
  • Teleport cooldown increased from 70 to 80
  • Cost reduced from 75 to 50
  • Town Portal Scroll cost reduced from 100 to 75
  • Teleport cooldown increased from 65 to 70
  • Teleport no longer removes Ethereal state when it is cast
  • Gold cost reduced from 135 to 100
  • Added an option to require a halt command to in order to cancel a Town Portal Scroll
  • Stacking delay decreased from 3/5/6/7/8 to 3/5/5.5/6/6.5
  • Max targeting range increased from 525 to 575
  • Double clicking on scrolls now automatically targets your fountain
  • Reworked mechanics (additional casting time when more than one hero teleport to one tower)
  • Changed how Scroll of Town Portal works
  • Added Scroll of Town Portal to Goblin Shop replacing Javelin

WC3 DotA Version

  • Warcraft III DotA - Scroll of Town Portal