Eat Banana
Pierces spell immunity.
No Target
Self / Enemies
Permanently grants intelligence. Drops a banana peel when consumed, which causes the next enemy which step on it to slip, moving around randomly and getting disabled. The peel disappears once an enemy slipped on it.
Intelligence Gain: 4
Banana Peel Radius: 100
Banana Slide Distance: 400
Banana Slide Duration: 1
Cooldown symbol.png 0
Debuff Banana Knockback: Dispellable with strong dispels.


  • Dropped the banana peel 35 range behind the user`s location. The peel was visible to everyone.
  • The banana peel was permanent until stepped on by an enemy unit, whereupon it disappeared.
  • Any tree within 100 radius of the sliding unit got destroyed while sliding.
  • While sliding, a unit could not be affected by another banana peel.



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Banana is a member of the first generation Chinese Dota players.

Dota 2

At The International 2013 Banana`s team TongFu placed 4th, claiming over $200,000 in prize money. A few weeks afterwards, Banana followed his former teammate Hao, moving from TongFu to iG.

In March 2014 he would leave iG to join most of his old teammates of TongFu in Newbee, replacing ZSMJ. At The International 2014 Banana and Newbee placed 1st.


Date Placement Tier Tournament Team Results Prize
2016-08-09 A99 - 12th A1Premier The International 2016 0₠:₠2 $311,557
2014-12-07 A11st A2Major National Electronic Sports Open 2014 3₠:₠1 $24,249
2014-11-16 A11st A2Major IeSF 2014 World Championship 3₠:₠0 $25,000
2014-10-05 A11st A1Premier World Cyber Arena 2014 3₠:₠0 $322,880
2014-07-21 A11st A1Premier The International 2014 3₠:₠1 $5,025,029
2014-05-25 A11st A1Premier MarsTV Dota 2 League 2014 2₠:₠0 $16,031
2014-01-07 A11st A1Premier Red Bull ECL 2013 Grand Finals 2₠:₠0 $16,520
2014-01-01 A22nd A1Premier 2013 WPC ACE Dota 2 League 3₠:₠4 $49,584
2013-08-10 A44th A1Premier The International 2013 1₠:₠2 $201,207
2013-07-06 A11st A1Premier Dota 2 Super League 3₠:₠0 $81,525
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