Boots of Speed



Support heroes should buy boots after the Animal Courier has been upgraded to Flying Courier and at least one Observer Ward has been purchased.

Gankers, semi-carries, and utility heroes should generally buy boots as one of their first items in lane after starting items. The boosted movement speed allows for easier kills or escapes.

Carries have two options. They can either buy boots as one of their first items in lane for offensive or defensive plays, or they can skip boots in favor of rushing to a particular item, often one that assists in farming such as Battle Fury.

Additional information




Boots of Speed is a Basic item purchasable from the Arcane section of the Home Shop and the Side Shop. Though they are an essential item in the game, they are almost never bought as a starting item, as buying Attribute items and consumable regeneration provides better laning ability.

Recommended Heroes

All heroes are recommended to buy Boots of Speed, particularly during the laning phase.

Version History

Patch Version Balance Changes
  • Cost reduced from 450 to 400
  • Movement speed reduced by 5
  • Price decreased from 500 to 450
  • Move speed bonus from 55 to 50
  • Movement speed from 50 to 55
  • Now available in the side shops

WC3 DotA Version

  • Warcraft III DotA - Boots of Speed