Enchanted Mango


Eat Mango
Pierces spell immunity. Play
Consume the mango to instantly restore 150 mana.
Hold Control to use Enchanted Mango on an allied hero.
Cast Range: 650
Mana Restored: 150
Cooldown symbol.png 0


  • When casting without the Control key, it always casts on self in one click. When holding the Control key, a target has to be selected.
  • If the target is more than 650 range away, the caster moves to the target until it is within 400 range before casting.
  • The owner does not have to face the target to use this on it.
  • Restores the amount of mana instantly.





  • Enchanted Mangoes are a great source of quick burst of mana. One mango usually restores enough mana for most spells in the early game, allowing heroes to use a spell immediately.
  • Even when not really getting the chance to use them, the gold is not wasted on them, since they boost health regeneration while in the inventory.

Additional information



Enchanted Mango (also known as Mango) is a basic mana item purchasable from the Consumables section at the Home Shop.


Enchanted Mango
Ability: No Target
Unit Target
Affects: Allied Heroes
Consume the mango to instantly restore mana.
Mana Restored:
Cast Range:
Nearby Cast Range:

  • Multiple mangoes do not stack into one slot.
  • Hold Control to use Enchanted Mango on an ally.
  • Enchanted Mango has a nearby buffer range, allowing it to be cast on allies within 650 range. Casting outside of this range results in the default 400 range being used instead of the buffer.

Version History

Patch Version Balance Changes
  • Enchanted Mangoes on sale for 110 gold
  • Cost reduced from 150 to 125
  • Cast range increased from 250 to 400
  • Is now self cast by default and target cast with control
  • New consumable