Gauntlets of Strength



When building a Bracer, a player will determine in the early game whether or not the more expensive Circlet should be purchased first rather than the Gauntlets depending on whether or not they need more mana in exchange for slightly less HP. Heroes with high intelligence will want to buy the Gauntlets first because they need the HP more than the across board stats, while heroes with high strength will want to buy the Circlets first because of the slight mana pool increase to cast their spells.

For gank or support heroes that buy Urn, the 2 Gauntlets of Strength are usually purchased first because of the importance of survivability over slight mana regeneration of Sage`s Mask. Often the hero will have another, stronger source of mana regeneration anyway.

Sometimes heroes will want to have Gauntlets in their starting build for the HP gain. However for melee heroes, Gauntlets almost never provide as much cost effective protection from harass damage as a Stout Shield and for strength heroes, as much cost effective last hitting effectiveness as a Quelling Blade. Because of this, melee carries in competitive play often never have Gauntlets of Strength in their starting build, preferring either of the previous items for their superior effectiveness in lane. But for ranged heroes, neither Stout nor Quelling provide a lot of cost effective gain. Currently the only ranged strength heroes are Huskar and Io.

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Gauntlets of Strength (also known as Gauntlets) is an early game item purchasable from the Attributes section of the Home Shop. It gives strength to its wearer and upgrades into the strong mid game items Urn of Shadows and Bracer, the latter being further upgradeable into Drum of Endurance.

The advantage of Gauntlets over similar items is that strength points tend to be valued over the other attribute points by most heroes, which is also why Bracers are commonly bought on support heroes.

Recommended Heroes

Gauntlets of Strength is primarily gotten on heroes that need to buy Bracers or an Urn later in the game.

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