Game Versions


See game build updates. For a list of all updates, see Patches.

Versions are successive Dota 2 builds that bring new content and balance changes to the game. Most major versions are first tested on the test client Dota 2 Test, announced Feb. 2nd, 2012, is an experimental version of Dota 2 where upcoming changes are tested before being implemented into Dota 2 - ensuring the stability of Dota 2. 1] The Dota .


Dota 2 Era

This is a list of versions released after the launch of the Dota 2 Beta. New heroes are listed under the version in which they were created by the developer, not when they were ported to Dota 2. For that information, see Patches. All Dota 2 game versions have been developed by Icefrog IceFrog is the lead developer for both Dota 2 and the original Defense of the Ancients. To date, he has remained pseudonymous, and other than revealing that he was 25 years old in early 2009, dota2 and Valve This topic is covered better by other wikis or sites. Please see the following links instead: Valve Corporation on Wikipedia Valve on the Valve Developer Wiki Valve Corporation Company Year Founded Aug. 24, 1996 Management dota2 .

Some earlier versions were shipped together in one patch. Minor bug fixing versions from DotA Allstars were not ported. Click on a version number to view the full changelog.

Version Highlights Patch Date See general updates to Dota 2. For a list of gameplay updates only, see Versions. Patches are updates to the game client. They fix known bugs and exploits, and add featuresSpecial attraction and
Dota 2 DotA
7.06d Version 7.06d(Full list) Nerfed: Bristleback Clockwerk Crystal Maiden Dark Seer Invoker Io Night Stalker Treant Protector Buffed: Alchemist Bounty Hunter Chaos Knight Chen Doom Gyrocopter Leshrac Lich Medusa Mirana Monkey King Morphling Nature s Prophet Necrophos 2017-06-11 Patches (latest) ← Jun. 10, 2017 Patch Jun. 11, 2017 Patch Jun. 12, 2017 Patch → Contents 1 Sources 2 Version notes 2.1 Heroes 2.2 Items 3 Patch notes Sources Source: Dota 2 Update - -
7.06c 2017-05-29 -
  • Nerfed
  • Buffed
2017-05-21 -
7.06 2017-05-15 -
  • Nerfed
  • Buffed