Disjointing is the act of dodging projectiles, or rather, to cause a projectile to fully lose track of its target. A disjoint is recognized when a projectile stops tracking a moving unit. Causing a projectile to run out (expire) before hitting the target does not count as disjointing in that sense, but rather avoiding the projectile by "outrunning" it.

Disjointing itself is not granted explicitly by any effects or spells, it is instead granted as a secondary effect to other abilities.

The most common forms of disjointing are blinking See more: Teleport Blink may refer to: Anti-Mage s Blink Queen of Pain s Blink The item Blink Dagger The player bLink Play “One divided against its Self cannot stand.” This disambiguation page lists articles with a similar and becoming invisible Invisibility is a status effect which makes units and heroes not appear on their opponent s screen or minimap, and makes them unable to be targeted directly by the enemy. Invisibility makes the unit s model appear dota2 . Although invulnerability Default buff iconPlay Error soundInvulnerability is a status effect that renders the target completely immune to all status effects and damage, except for most damage flagged as @@@#@@@HP(hp.com)###@### Removal. Most friendly effects, such as healing and hiding Hiding (also referred to as banishing) a unit causes it to temporarily disappear. It renders the unit unable to move, attack, cast spells and use items. All hiding spells also turn the affected unit invulnerable. causes projectiles to not affect the target, they do not disjoint, since the projectile still homes and technically hits the target. Not all projectiles can be disjointed, and not all types of repositioning abilities can disjoint.

Disjointing abilities

These abilities disjoint projectiles once upon cast. The disjointing is not connected to the Forced Movement Forced Movement is a status effect that changes a unit s position. This movement is completely unrelated to the unit s movement speed and works on them while disabled. Most spells with forced movement prevent the affected dota2 of some of the listed spells, but rather to the spells themselves. Other spells that use Forced Movement do not disjoint.

1 Disjoints for Phantom Lancer   Hero   Strategy   Counters   Equipment   Gear   Responses   Sounds   Lore   Old Abilities   Changelogs     Phantom Lancer 21 + 2 29 + 2.6 21 + 2 Level dota2 and all gathered illusions Default buff iconPlay Spawn soundPlay Death sound “ Play A legion sprouts from one! Click to listen— Phantom Lancer ” Illusions (also commonly called illus) are imperfect, weaker copies of heroes, created by spells or items. They dota2 .

2 Disjoints for Phoenix   Hero   Strategy   Counters   Equipment   Gear   Responses   Sounds   Lore   Old Abilities   Changelogs     Phoenix 19 + 3.2 12 + 1.3 18 + 1.8 Level Base dota2 and the allied hero put inside (when upgraded).



All true blinks Teleportation is a form of movement in Dota that instantly moves a target from one point to another. The most common teleports are Blink Dagger s Blink and Town Portal Scroll s Teleport. Teleports can be distinguishing dota2 disjoint, but not all teleporting Teleportation is a form of movement in Dota that instantly moves a target from one point to another. The most common teleports are Blink Dagger s Blink and Town Portal Scroll s Teleport. Teleports can be distinguishing dota2 spells do. The distance of the blink or teleport does not matter. The spells disjoint once upon getting moved by them.

1 Only disjoints for Io upon teleporting to the targeted point. Does not disjoint for allies or upon teleporting back.

The following teleport abilities do not disjoint projectiles:


All abilities that grant invisibility can disjoint projectiles, unless the enemy has True Sight over the unit, in which case the projectile still keeps track of the target until it is no longer affected by True Sight. A unit does not need to be invisible as the projectile reaches it, in order to disjoint with invisibility; momentary invisibility during the projectile`s flight suffices. Being out of vision range (i.e., entering the Fog of War) does not count as invisibility, for purposes of disjointing.

The following abilities disjoint projectiles if no True Sight is present:

1 Cannot be revealed with True Sight, so disjoints projectiles even while affected by True Sight.


See also: Hide

Becoming temporarily hidden does not disjoint projectiles. The disjointing attribute is not bound to turning hidden, but rather bound to the spells themselves. This means hiding spells not necessarily disjoint projectiles, be that as it may, with the proper timing, they can prevent projectiles, or spells in general from hitting the caster or target.


See also: Invulnerability

Becoming invulnerable does not disjoint projectiles, but rather reduces or eliminates the effects upon impact. Attack damage as well as spell damage are ignored. There are a few spells that affect invulnerable units.

Disjointable projectiles

All physical attack projectiles of each unit and hero can be disjointed. This includes all attack modifiers (e.g. Frost Arrows, Liquid Fire), enhanced attacks (e.g. Meld, attacks with True Strike) and the secondary attack projectiles from instant attacks (e.g. Flak Cannon, Geminate Attack).

Disjointing the bounces from Moon Glaive and Death Ward does not stop the projectile from continuing to bounce. They also can immediately jump on the disjointing unit again (when not disjointed with invisibility and still within bounce range), since it is not considered as a hit and thus still a valid target for the bounces. A disjointed bounce still counts towards their bounce count.

The projectiles of the following abilities are disjointable:

Abilities that can disjoint projectiles

The following list of abilities will cause a disjoint to occur when used.
Not listed are invisibility spells, which will all disjoint as long as there is no true sight to see the target.

Hero Abilities
Hero Ability
Alchemist Chemical Rage
Anti-Mage Blink
Brewmaster Primal Split
Chaos Knight Phantasm
Chen Test of Faith
Io Relocate
Keeper of the Light Recall
Lifestealer Infest
Morphling Waveform
Morphling Replicate
Nature`s Prophet Teleportation
Naga Siren Mirror Image
Phantom Lancer Doppelganger
Phoenix Supernova
Puck Ethereal Jaunt
Phase Shift
Queen of Pain Blink
Storm Spirit Ball Lightning
Weaver Time Lapse
Windranger Windrun
Unit Abilities
Unit Ability
Spirit Bear Return
Item Abilities
Item Ability
Blink Dagger Blink
Manta Style Mirror Image
Town Portal Scroll Teleport
Boots of Travel Teleport
Boots of Travel (Level 2) Teleport Level 2

Projectiles that cannot be disjointed

These abilities will always chase their target and cannot be disjointed.
Hero Abilities
Hero Ability
Alchemist Unstable Concoction
Gyrocopter Homing Missile
Huskar Life Break
Leshrac Lightning Storm
Lich Chain Frost
Medusa Mystic Snake
Mirana Starstorm
Necrophos Death Pulse
Queen of Pain Scream of Pain
Skywrath Mage Arcane Bolt
Spectre Spectral Dagger
Treant Protector Leech Seed
Tusk Snowball
Witch Doctor Paralyzing Cask