Version 6.44


Version 6.44
(Full list) See game build updates. For a list of all updates, see Patches. Versions are successive Dota 2 builds that bring new content and balance changes to the game. Most major versions are
Release Date
← 6.43b Version 6.43b(Full list) Bug fixes. Release Date DotA:Date Needed  ← 6.436.44 →  * Fixed some big performance problems lower end machines were having * Fixed some rare bugs that caused heroes to not revive * 6.44b → Version 6.44b(Full list) Bug fixes. Release Date DotA:Date Needed  ← 6.446.45 →  * Fixed Pit of Malice tooltip * Fixed issue with Templar taking Geomancer s spot as an Agi hero in -allagi * Fixed a

 ==Heroes==  * Added a new Scourge hero: Dark Seer * Added a new Scourge hero: Pit Lord * Added a new Scourge hero: Undying * Added a new Sentinel hero: Storm Spirit * Added a new Sentinel hero: Templar Assassin * Added a new Sentinel hero: Sacred Warrior (39888) * New heroes are disabled in -lm/-xl * Queen of Pain -> Reduced attack range from 600 to 550 * Queen of Pain -> Rebalanced how Shadow Strike levels up * Dwarven Sniper -> Slightly increased base mana * Ursa Warrior -> Is now a proper melee hero (recent patch fixed the issue, 137702) * Shadow Priest -> Removed the duration nerf on Shallow Grave (it will now last until the target dies). Reduced cooldown. The respawn speed is nerfed instead. * Troll Warlord -> Removed Berserker Rage mana cost * Alchemist -> Increased casting range on Unstable Concoction a bit * Alchemist -> Improved level 1 Chemical Rage health regeneration by 5 * Alchemist -> Minor buff to the damage on Unstable Concoction * Doom Bringer -> Reduced Doom`s Scepter upgrade duration by 2 seconds * Moon Rider -> Eclipse no longer depends on Lucent Beam level * Chen -> Increased movement speed from 290 to 295 * Spiritbreaker -> Nether Strike no longer depends on Greater Bash * Bristleback -> Reduced max Quill Spray damage stack * Bristleback -> Reduced movement speed by 5 * Bone Fletcher -> Changed Searing Arrows cooldown from 4/3/2/0 to 4/3/0/0 * Magnataur -> Improved his cast animation time * Doom Bringer -> Due to popular demand, Level Death deals it`s bonus damage on level 25 as well * Syllabear -> Level 3 Spirit Bear has regained Entangle   ==Misc==  * Various minor terrain improvements requested for league play * Added hotkeys for all basic items (only a few had them before) * Changed piercing damage to heavy armor to 75% from 100% * Added -roll command (133304) * Added a few new weather effects (-weather moonlight/wind) * Added -weather random that will randomly change the weather for you (and only you) every 5 minutes * Rewrote some item manipulation code to fix some exploits * Added creep spawn modes -notop/-nomid/-nobot (-nt/-nm/-nb) * You can now team kill units in other damage over time abilities like Curse of the Silent and Shadow Word * You have to be below 25% health for an ally to be able to start denying you (assuming you can be denied of course) * Removed the last melee creep count upgrade (the rest of the changes from last version are still the same) * Recoded various resource intensive abilities for increased map stability * Added new command -noswap (-ns) * Satyr Trickster -> Increased movement speed   ==Item==  * Wards -> Reworked Observer and Sentry wards again * Bottle -> After rune usage, it returns a 2/3 Bottle instead of a fully refilled one * Tango -> Price from 80 to 90 * Flask -> Heals over a period of 10 seconds instead of 20 * Flying Courier -> Removed Boots of Speed from requirements * Flying Courier -> Added new ability (Courier Shield) and lowered vision   ==Cosmetics==  * World Tree -> Added a new model (provided by Janzak @ * Chat messages now show hero name * An announcement is now made when a tower is denied * Considerably improved End Game Scoreboard and Observer Scoreboard presentation and content (total gold row coming in near future) * Wrote gold cost on basic items like they are on recipes to allow for price checking before you go back to base * The game now displays a kill message when a chicken dies * End Scorescreen now lets you know when someone is no longer in the game * Scoreboard now colors players differently if they have left the game * Slithreen Guard -> Added new Sprint visual effect (126186) * Goblin Techies -> New Remote Mine model (130285) * Flying Courier -> Added unique scourge flying courier model * When a team mate denies an ally, it now says his name (127161) * Crystal Maiden -> Crystal Maiden`s Scepter upgrade now gives a unique visual effect (128977) * Chaos Knight -> Chaos Bolt now shows the random stun duration (130088) * Keeper of the Light -> Added a new and more accurate Illuminate Wave effect provided by eva00r * Shadow Fiend -> Added a special effect when Nevermore gains a soul (132731) * Morphling -> Added text overhead to show the damage dealt by Adaptive Strike * Camera now moves to the throne/tree when it dies. Added 1-2 second delay before scoreboard appears to show the death animations * Added more flavor text to various items (130384) * Added new icons for Freezing Field, Viscous Nasal Goo, Drow`s Silence, Lightning Storm, Blur, Global Silence, Plague Wards (thanks snork and switch) * Added new icon for Mirror Image (73303) * Changed second secret shop name * Improved visibility of scourge fifth recipe shop when not in base * Improved movement speed items` tooltips (130948) * Courier -> When purchasing a courier, Sentinel will get a random selection of Chicken, Raccoon or Penguin, while Scourge will get a random selection of Carrion Beetle, Dune Worm or Fel Boar. * Listed damage type for Arcane/Impetus/Glaives * Improved Demon Witch`s Impale tooltip (107362) * Changed the default missing icon on the scoreboard from the eye to another one * Battle Fury -> now lists it as a melee item (139040) * Sanity`s Eclipse -> The damage dealt to units is now listed as an overhead text * Added more flavor text to various abilities * Improved various item tooltips to make it more user friendly * Added reminder in -mm regarding hero switches * Updated Bottle Tooltip to make it more obvious that rune bottle refilling is not a bug! * Reduced how long the warning about disassemble lasts on the screen * Improved dozens of tooltips * Thanks to Eva00r and JetFango for various icons/effects   ==Various fixes==  * Fixed the desync bug that happens when observers leave a game, causing some other players to disconnect * Fixed another very rare respawn glitch * Fixed Ignis Fatuus scepter upgrade not being on autocast by default * Fixed a bug that caused sprout trees to sometimes respawn trapping the hero again * Fixed Lothar`s Edge icon(132136) * Fixed a bug with custom replay data winner field * Fixed Holy Persuation not showing level in tooltip * Fixed Midnight Pulse killing mines * Fixed Clarity Potion buff icon bug * Fixed Mask of Madness buff icon (126834) * Fixed Drunken Haze tooltip typo * Improved some internal Observer Mode code * Fixed Wrath of Nature typo * Fixed a bug with Black Hole pulling in mines * Fixed some memory leaks with Time Lapse and Poison Nova * Fixed a rare bug with Toss * Fixed Chronosphere tooltip * Clarified some TDA quest menu rules * Compressed various icons (thanks PGRu-Unexpect3D) * Fixed a bug with Phantom Edge giving extra evasion * Lots of optimizations to how Impetus/Glaives/Arcane abilities were coded * Fixed Helm of Iron will giving 2 hp regen and not 3 hp * Fixed the game clock continuing after the game has ended * Fixed a rare bug with Adaptive Strike * Fixed Rampage buff tooltip * Fixed a rare bug with Greater Bash * Fixed some bugs with -dm and various abilities that depended on unit state * Fixed Silencer from stealing an INT from an ally deny * Fixed Shockwave from hitting wards * Gave unique codes to the following abilities make replay processing more straight forward: Phantom Assassin`s Shadow Strike, Venomancer`s Shadow Strike, Queen of Pain`s Shadow Strike, Stealth Assassin`s Blink Strike, Chaos Knight`s Blink Strike, Lion`s Voodoo, Rhasta`s Voodoo, Razor`s Frenzy, Viper`s Frenzy, Sven`s Storm Bolt and Leo`s Storm Bolt. * Fixed some item buying cooldowns that were still at 5 sec instead of 1 * Fixed Necromastery tooltip * Fixed various other buggy tooltips   -- Thanks to all the fans for being patient in this long release. Thanks to the following beta testers:-very active: iNCQRiT, BeamCannon, unHOLYdoNUTS, LulaLula, Beast_Pete, Ro-Coco, Warsoft, Zethal, KI-HunterKiller, Apocalypse, sSerenity, StokesII, heftig, LordDready, kugelkind, arthur5863, Genosis, SokZ, eldorquo, Nova -active: DarkMist67, IEatDeadPeoples, Infrisios, Dimitrii, Beary, Trozz_, Wretchingwretch, u-nL-ike, Severas, Naz), jmesch04, Zagruss5, 4nTr4xX, TheKitchenSink, Sarkahn, eBoS, Jewified., Switch, Kesy, HarbingeR-2.0-, HunterX2, HolyHuman, Gorzerk, Calf85, ShimmyBT, Capnrawr, Damican., Qu33nZR3p1n9, phssy_galore, Terrorblaze, Idejder, Casperkid0923, GnS.Gauss, Minotaar, whifra, M3Th0dz, feared.slayer, 28awg, Rororo, CouchCushion, ThunderBolt_ and Tota-Domi -- I am dedicating this version to Terrorblaze, Naz, Wuffle, Eva00r, Minotaar, arthur5863, Trystero and the late OzoneX for all their contributions to the overall DotA community. -- If you find any bugs or have any comments, please let me know. -- Once again, much thanks to all the beta testers that helped make this big releaseAnnounce a possibility.