16w07a is the fifty-fifth snapshot released for 1.9 1.9 Official name Combat Update Type Release Release date Feb. 29, 2016 1] Development versions View all Snapshots 15w31a 15w31b 15w31c 15w32a 15w32b 15w32c 15w33a 15w33b 15w33c 15w34a 15w34b 15w34c 15w34d 15w35a 15w35b 15w35c 15w35d minecraft .


Sounds Sound may refer to: Ambience - The sound heard when near dark caves Music - The sound playing at specified times that was made by C418 Loops - The sounds that were implemented to loop
  • Added sounds for making maps.
Subtitles See captions intended to communicate game sounds. For the pulsing yellow text on the title screen, see Splash. Subtitles, as they appear in-game. Subtitles (also known as captions) are a featureSpecial attraction which minecraft

Added subtitles for the following sound events:

  • The block sound events:
    • brewing_stand.brew
    • chorus_flower.death and grow
    • comparator.click
    • furnace.fire_crackle
    • iron_trapdoor.close and open
  • The enchant sound event:
    • thorns.hit
  • The entity sound events:
    • armorstand.fall
    • arrow.shoot
    • cow.milk
    • horse.eat
    • itemframe.add_item, break, place, remove_item and rotate_item
    • leashknot.break and place
    • painting.break and place
    • rabbit.attack
    • shulker.ambient, close, open and death
    • shulker_bullet.hit and hurt
    • snowman.death and hurt
    • squid.ambient, death and hurt
    • witch.ambient, death, drink, hurt and throw
  • The item sound events:
    • armor.equip, equip_chain, equip_diamond, equip_gold, equip_iron and equip_leather
    • bottle.fill
    • bucket.empty and fill
    • hoe.till
    • shield.block
    • shovel.flatten.
Gamerule Contents 1 Usage 1.1 Tilde notation 1.2 Target selectors 1.2.1 Target selector variables 1.2.2 Target selector arguments 1.3 Data tags 1.4 Raw JSON text 1.5 Block/item names 2 Summary of commands 3 List of commands
  • New gamerule disableElytraMovementCheck.
    • When set to true, disables the server checking whether the player is moving too fast (cheating) while wearing Elytra.



Elytra Elytra Type Transport Durability 431 Renewable No Stackable No First appearances See History Data values PC: dec: 443 hex: 1BB bin: 110111011 PE: dec: 444 hex: 1BC bin: 110111100 Name elytra “ Elytra! Soar through The End on your freshly-minted insectoid minecraft
  • Are now only activated when jumping mid-air.
  • The cape option in the options menu now also disables custom elytra textures.
Obsidian pillars Obsidian Pillar Biome The End Consists of Obsidian Bedrock Iron Bars End Crystal Can generate post-generation Yes, while the Ender Dragon is respawning First appearances See History Obsidian pillars, also known as obsidian spikes or minecraft


12 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.9
  • MC-1935 – Fence gate next to a wall has an incorrect hitbox.
  • MC-12427 – Mobs get stuck in the northwest corner of a fence.
  • MC-14946 – Performance on horses is broken.
  • MC-61535 – Horse breeding: A foal looks just like an adult horse.
  • MC-61765 – /tellraw books (json-stuff) doesn’t work with @e... and displaying its score.
  • MC-85132 – Leaves are not culled in fast mode.
  • MC-95352 – Spatial target arguments r, dx, dy, dz behave unexpectedly and inconsistently.
From the 1.9 development versions
  • MC-90212 – You don`t hang on to ladders while gliding with Elytra.
  • MC-92103 – Infinite momentum with elytra and slime blocks.
  • MC-94684 – Lag in 1.9 snapshots with command blocks.
From the previous development version
  • MC-96815 – Horses do not jump.
  • MC-96821 – Mobs and other players no longer turn their heads / Head rotation for all entities is no longer updated.