Weapons & Combat

    The logo for the Combat Update

    • New "tipped" arrows, which apply Potion or status effects.
    • New "spectral" arrows that create a glowing outline around the target, making them visible to the attacker through any Blocks.
    • Axes do more damage, but swing slower.
    • Weapon damage is now dependent on an attack strength bar that is depleted when you swing, and regenerates over time. The more the bar is filled, the more damage you will do.
    • Added Shields, which block attacks when you right click. Axes have a chance of disabling the shield for 5 seconds. You can combine a Banner and a shield to make the shield have the banner`s design and colors on it.
    • New "sweep attack" when attacking with a Sword while crouching or standing. It can knockback multiple enemies at once.
    • Dual-wielding. If you put an item in the off-hand slot you can use it by right clicking, and typing F (that is the default button) switches the main-hand and off-hand items.
    • Mobs now give off particles when hit that show how much damage was done to them.
    • New items called Lingering Potions. They are thrown like splash potions, but create a cloud affecting anyone who walks through it.


    • There is a new Igloo structure in Snow Plains.
    • A new End City and End Ship structures in the outer End.
    • New Chorus Plant Trees.
    • Now up to 128 strongholds generate per world.
    • New End Gateways that spawn after killing the Ender Dragon. You must use an Ender Pearl to go through it.
    • The inner End is now more like the Console Edition.


    • Purpur Blocks in the End.
    • Frosted Ice
    • Grass Path, created by right clicking a grass block with a shovel.
    • Decorative Dragon Head blocks in the End.
    • New Structure Blocks that are used by developers and only placed using /setblock command.


    • Elytra, which are wings that can be used to glide and are obtained in The End.
    • End Rods in the End.
    • A new plant called Beetroot, which can be grown with Beetroot Seeds, or made into Beetroot Soup.
    • New items called Ender Crystals that can be used to re-summon the Ender Dragon.
    • Golden Apples and armor have been re-balanced.


    • There are new mobs called Shulkers, new mobs that spawn in End Cities.
    • There are now Skeleton Horses, which is a Skeleton on top of a undead Horse.

    Other Changes

    • If you shear a Snow Golem, its Pumpkin will come off of its head.
    • Wearing a certain mob head will allow you to get a bit closer to that type of mob before it starts chasing you.
    • Now you need Blaze Powder to operate a Brewing Stand.
    • It is no longer possible to craft Enchanted Golden Apples, but they may still be found rarely within chests.
    • Added new enchantment (Frost Walker), which creates solid frost blocks when walking over Water.
    • Some enchantments have been re-balanced.
    • New sound effects and sound effect subtitles


    • Pigs can now be bred with Potatoes, Carrots and Beetroot, before 1.9 they could only be bred with carrots.
    • Chickens can now be bred with any type of Seeds, including Nether Wart