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Vol`jin is a Wild format Wild format or Wild is one of Hearthstone s two game formats, the other being Standard format. Wild format appears in game modes in which players are allowed to play decks without the deck restrictions of hearthstone card, and so can only be obtained through crafting Crafting mode, in Standard format mode The crafting system is an element of Hearthstone that allows players to directly create new cards. It can be accessed through the My Collection screen. Crafting consumes Arcane Dust hearthstone .

Card Crafting cost Disenchanting
Vol`jin 1600 400
Golden Golden cards often add movement and visual effects, like with this golden Piloted Shredder "Golden" redirects here. For information on golden heroes, see Golden heroes. Golden cards are special, rarer versions of cards. Each card hearthstone Vol`jin 3200 1600


Vol`jin is a legendary Rarity is a rough measure of the quality and scarcity of a card. Cards of higher rarity are typically more powerful and more useful, but are harder to find and more expensive to craft. There hearthstone priest The  Priest is one of the nine classes in Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, represented by Anduin Wrynn and Tyrande Whisperwind. Contents 1 Heroes 2 Overview 3 Background 4 Hero Power 4.1 Replacement Hero Powers 5 hearthstone minion Bloodfen Raptor, a simple minion card. A Beast-type minion, it has 3 Attack, 2 Health and a mana cost of 2. Minions are persistent creatures on the battlefield that will fight for their hero. Minion hearthstone card, from the Goblins vs Gnomes "Goblins and gnomes… goblins and gnomes! Both are super-brilliant - but you would never know! Everything they seem to make is faulty or explodes… Perfecting imperfection - goblins and gnomes!" Wild format Goblins vs Gnomes hearthstone set.



Vol`jin`s ability will most likely be used at particularly opportune moments for trading A trade is the loss of one or more cards in exchange for the elimination of one or more enemy cards. Most often, trading refers to minions dying in combat, but the term may be a minion into another, especially if that minion would die regardless of its Health. Vol`jin`s low health being swapped for an enemy taunt - especially taunts such as Ironbark Protector Ironbark Protector Set: Basic Type: Minion Class: Druid Cost: 8 Attack: 8 Health: 8 Abilities: Taunt TauntI dare you to attack Darnassus.See this card on Hearthpwn data page] Ironbark Protector is a druid minion card, hearthstone , Ancient of War Ancient of War Set: Classic Type: Minion Class: Druid Rarity: Epic Cost: 7 Attack: 5 Health: 5 Abilities: Choose One, Taunt Choose One - +5 Attack; or +5 Health and Taunt.Young Night Elves love to hearthstone , or other high-Health minions. Big 4 Attack minions like Ysera Ysera Set: Classic Type: Minion Subtype: Dragon Rarity: Legendary Cost: 9 Attack: 4 Health: 12 Abilities: Generate Tags: Dragon-generating, Random, Spell-generating, Triggered effect At the end of your turn, add a Dream Card to your hearthstone , which are otherwise hard to deal with for priest, can easily be taken care of. Vol`jin also plays to the priest ability to consistently boost Health, and their many healing Healing is the restoration of Health to a damaged character. Healing a character will increase their Health by the stated amount, up to but not beyond their current maximum Health. Healing effects or Restore Health hearthstone abilities.

Direct damage abilities such as Shadowform Shadowform Set: Classic Type: Spell Class: Priest Rarity: Epic Cost: 3 Abilities: Replace Hero Power Tags: Hero Power-related Your Hero Power becomes Deal 2 damage . If already in Shadowform: 3 damage.If a bright light shines hearthstone , Holy Smite Holy Smite Set: Basic Type: Spell Class: Priest Cost: 1 Abilities: Deal damage Deal 2 damage.It doesn t matter how pious you are. Everyone needs a good smiting now and again.See this card on Hearthpwn data hearthstone , Holy Nova Holy Nova Set: Basic Type: Spell Class: Priest Cost: 5 Abilities: Deal damage, Restore Health Tags: Area of effect Deal 2 damage to all enemies. Restore 2 Health to all friendly characters.If the Holy Light hearthstone or Stormpike Commando Stormpike Commando Set: Basic Type: Minion Cost: 5 Attack: 4 Health: 2 Abilities: Battlecry, Deal damage Battlecry: Deal 2 damage.The Stormpike Commandos are demolition experts. They also bake a mean cupcake.See this card on Hearthpwn hearthstone have great synergy with Vol`jin, allowing the Priest to steal the health from a high-health enemy minion and promptly destroy it.


Past bugs

Prior to Patch, playing Vol`jin while all other minions on the board were stealthed would cause him to enter play as a 6/0 and thus instantly die.


Da spirits be restless.
Alternative summon (when the enemy hero is Garrosh "Live by these words: Lok tar ogar. Victory...or death." - Garrosh Hellscream Garrosh Hellscream represents the Warrior class in Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. Contents 1 Background 2 Official overview 3 Notes 4 Flavor text 5 Emotes hearthstone )
Who be da Warchief now? Heh, heh, heh.
Here come da Voodoo.



Vol`jin, full art