Flame Leviathan

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Flame Leviathan is a Wild format Wild format or Wild is one of Hearthstone s two game formats, the other being Standard format. Wild format appears in game modes in which players are allowed to play decks without the deck restrictions of hearthstone card, and so can only be obtained through crafting Crafting mode, in Standard format mode The crafting system is an element of Hearthstone that allows players to directly create new cards. It can be accessed through the My Collection screen. Crafting consumes Arcane Dust hearthstone .

Card Crafting cost Disenchanting
Flame Leviathan 1600 400
Golden Golden cards often add movement and visual effects, like with this golden Piloted Shredder "Golden" redirects here. For information on golden heroes, see Golden heroes. Golden cards are special, rarer versions of cards. Each card hearthstone Flame Leviathan 3200 1600


Flame Leviathan is a legendary Rarity is a rough measure of the quality and scarcity of a card. Cards of higher rarity are typically more powerful and more useful, but are harder to find and more expensive to craft. There hearthstone mage Contents 1 Heroes 2 Overview 3 Background 4 Hero Power 5 Strategy and gameplay 5.1 Common deck types 5.2 Counters 6 Spells 6.1 Uncollectible 7 Minions 7.1 Uncollectible 8 Leveling rewards 8.1 Starting cards 8.2 hearthstone minion Bloodfen Raptor, a simple minion card. A Beast-type minion, it has 3 Attack, 2 Health and a mana cost of 2. Minions are persistent creatures on the battlefield that will fight for their hero. Minion hearthstone card, from the Goblins vs Gnomes "Goblins and gnomes… goblins and gnomes! Both are super-brilliant - but you would never know! Everything they seem to make is faulty or explodes… Perfecting imperfection - goblins and gnomes!" Wild format Goblins vs Gnomes hearthstone set.



A 7- drop "Drop" is a colloquial term used to describe a minion of a specific mana cost. For instance, a "3-drop" is a minion which costs 3 mana, such as a Silverback Patriarch. The term may be with average stats, Flame Leviathan is notable for its on-draw effect, making it something of a wildcard depending on when it`s drawn. Its ability can be very useful for clearing the board of low cost minions such as Murlocs Murlocs are a type of minion, best known for their swarming gameplay and board-wide synergy. Relatively weak in isolation, their low mana cost allows them to quickly flood the board, with their synergistic effects causing hearthstone , softening enemy minions for one of the mage`s board clearing spells, or giving the player enough damage to finish off their opponent, though it can also do the same for the opposing player. Its important if using a Flame Leviathan to include and mulligan The mulligan stage The mulligan or card selection stage occurs at the very start of each match. Each player is shown their randomly selected starting hand, and given the option to redraw as many of hearthstone for cards that can withstand its effect, as well as cards that can benefit from it, such as Enrage An Enraged minion Enrage is a minion ability where the stated effect becomes active only when the minion is damaged. If the minion is healed back to full Health, the Enrage effect will be cancelled. hearthstone cards, Nerubian Egg Nerubian Egg Set: Naxxramas Type: Minion Rarity: Rare Cost: 2 Attack: 0 Health: 2 Abilities: Deathrattle, Summon Deathrattle: Summon a 4/4 Nerubian.Eggs are a good source of protein and Nerubians.See this card on Hearthpwn data hearthstone , Acolyte of Pain Acolyte of Pain Set: Classic Type: Minion Rarity: Common Cost: 3 Attack: 1 Health: 3 Abilities: Draw cards Tags: Damage-related, Triggered effect Whenever this minion takes damage, draw a card.He trained when he was younger hearthstone and Gurubashi Berserker Gurubashi Berserker Set: Basic Type: Minion Cost: 5 Attack: 2 Health: 7 Tags: Damage-related, Triggered effect Whenever this minion takes damage, gain +3 Attack.No Pain, No Gain.See this card on Hearthpwn data page] Gurubashi Berserker hearthstone . While random, timing is important in determining whether its effect is positive or negative for the player.



Hostile entities detected.
Acquiring target.
Effect triggering
Countermeasures enabled.
Powering dow...



Flame Leviathan, full art