Weapon materials and efficiency

    Swords can be crafted from five different materials. The sword materials, from highest to lowest attack strength/durability, are as follows:

    1. Diamond
    2. Iron Ingot
    3. Cobblestone
    4. Wood
    5. Gold Ingot

    Each material has a limited number of uses (referred to as the weapon`s level of Durability), and each will deal a specific number of hearts damage (attack power). Better materials both mean more damage and higher durability, with the exception of gold, which has very low durability.

    Critical Hits

    Critical hits can be dealt by sprinting or Jumping and then landing a weapon strike on the target. They deal more damage than basic attacks.

    Dealing damage

    A Mobs` health is measured in "hearts", just like the player`s.

    Mob Health
    Slime Varies based on size - 0.5 to 8x
    Magma Cube Varies based on size - 1 to 8x
    Silverfish 1x
    Chicken 2x
    Bat 3x
    Snow Golem 3x
    Wolf 4x
    Sheep 4x
    Cat / Ocelot 5x
    Ocelot 5x
    Cow 5x
    Pig 5x
    Squid 5x
    Ghast 5x
    Sheep 4x
    Creeper 10x