A vex attacking.

Vexes are hostile mobs that will naturally attack players, as well as villagers Villager Health points 20 () Size Adult: Height: 1.95 Blocks Width: 0.6 Blocks Baby: Height: 0.975 Blocks Width: 0.3 Blocks Spawn Village When a zombie villager is cured First appearances See History Drops None Experience minecraft , iron golems Iron Golem Health points 100 ( × 50) Attack strength 7 () to 21 ( × 10.5) To players: Easy: 4 () to 11 () Normal: 7 () to 21 ( × 10.5) Hard: 10 minecraft and any other target as commanded by their summoning evoker. They are capable of flying Flying See the form of transportation found only in Creative and Spectator modes. For the flight attainable when using the elytra, see Gliding. Flying is the most versatile form of transportation and minecraft through the air, and will pass through any block, including water, unharmed and uninhibited. When they are attacking, they glow red and lunge at their target. They are immune to fire and lava damage.

Vexes summoned by an evoker will start to take damage after 33 to 108 seconds, and will eventually die. This does not apply if the vex is summoned by a spawn egg Spawn Egg Type Items Durability N/A Renewable No Stackable Yes (64) Yes (16) (Console Edition) First appearances See History Data value dec: 383 hex: 17F bin: 101111111 Name spawn_egg “ You know what would be fun? If every minecraft or by the /summon command.

When idle, vexes will wander within a 15ℂₗ11ℂₗ15 cuboid range centered on their evoker`s position.




Vexes only spawn naturally as part of an evoker Evoker Health points 24 ( × 12) Attack strength 6 () Size Height: 1.95 Blocks Width: 0.6 Blocks Spawn Woodland Mansion Drops Totem of Undying Emerald (0–1) Experience 10 Internal ID PC: 34 PE: 104 minecraft `s summoning attack; the evoker signals this attack by producing off-white smoke and a high-pitched horn-like sound. Between 2 and 4 vexes will appear near the evoker. The evoker will summon vexes even if there are some still left alive from the last summoning.


The iron sword Sword Type Combat Durability Wooden: 60 Golden: 33 Stone: 132 Iron: 251 Diamond: 1562 Renewable Yes Stackable No Data values See Data values Name See Data values Swords are melee weapons that are mainly used minecraft they hold normally has a 0% chance of dropping, because their main hand`s HandDropChances is 0. Be that as it may, this chance increases by 1 percentage point per level of Looting "Flame" redirects here. For the non-solid damage-dealing block, see Fire. “ How does enchanting work in Minecraft? Well, you open a magical book and pick a random spell, not quite sure knowing what it will minecraft . The dropped sword is never damaged or enchanted.

Data values

See also: Chunk format Chunks store the terrain and entities within a 16×256×16 area. They also store precomputed lighting, heightmap data for Minecraft s performance, and other meta information. Contents 1 NBT structure 2 Block format 3 Entity format 3.1

Vexes have entity data associated with them that contains the various properties of the mob. Their entity ID is vex.

  • Entity data
    • Tags common to all entities see Template:Nbt inherit/entity/template
    • Tags common to all mobs see Template:Nbt inherit/mob/template

    • BoundX: When a vex is idle, it wanders, selecting air blocks from within a 15⃗11⃗15 cuboid range centered at X,Y,Z = BoundX, BoundY, BoundZ. This central spot is the location of the evoker when it summoned the vex, or if an evoker was not involved, it is the location the vex first attempted to idly wander.

    • BoundY: See BoundX

    • BoundZ: See BoundX

    • LifeTicks: Ticks of life remaining, decreasing by 1 per tick. When it reaches zero, the vex will take damage and LifeTicks is set to 20.


Official releaseAnnounce Minecraft 1.0 Starting version 1.0.0 (Nov. 18th, 2011) Latest version 1.12 Paid Yes Website See the official release of Minecraft for the PC. For the version, see 1.0.0. For the first minecraft
1.11 1.11 Official name Exploration Update 1] Release date Nov. 14, 2016 Development versions View all Snapshots 16w32a 16w32b 16w33a 16w35a 16w36a 16w38a 16w39a 16w39b 16w39c 16w40a 16w41a 16w42a 16w43a 16w44a Pre-releases 1.11-pre1 Download Client (.json) minecraft 16w39a 16w39a Type Snapshot Release date Sep. 28, 2016 Snapshot for 1.11 Download Client (.json) Server ◄◄ 1.10.2 ◄ 16w38a 16w39b ► 1.11.1 ►► See the computer edition. For other editions, see Version minecraft Vexes added.
16w42a 16w42a Type Snapshot Release date Oct. 19, 2016 Snapshot for 1.11 Download Client (.json) Server ◄◄ 1.10.2 ◄ 16w41a 16w43a ► 1.11.1 ►► See the computer edition. For other editions, see Version minecraft Vexes have been buffed - their attack damage has been increased from 3 () to 5 () on Easy, from 4 () to 9 () on Normal, and from 6 () to 13 () on Hard.
16w43a Vexes can now cross Nether and End portals and move in water.
Vexes are now able to draw from their own loot tables.
Pocket Edition
1.1 build 1 Vexes added.


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    Vexes are the only flying hostile mobs that can spawn in the Overworld. They are immune to damage from falling, Drowning, Fire, and Lava. They only take damage from Swords or Bows and Arrows. Vexes are not hindered by solid blocks in any way, allowing them to fly through walls, floors, trees, or the ground itself.


    Vexes can be summoned by Evokers, a hostile Villager-like mob found within Woodland Mansions.


    Vexes will attack Villagers, Iron Golems, and the player (except in Creative Mode). Evokers lift their arms to send out vexes to attack these mobs.