16w39a is the seventh snapshot released for 1.11 1.11 Official name Exploration Update 1] Release date Nov. 14, 2016 Development versions View all Snapshots 16w32a 16w32b 16w33a 16w35a 16w36a 16w38a 16w39a 16w39b 16w39c 16w40a 16w41a 16w42a 16w43a 16w44a Pre-releases 1.11-pre1 Download Client (.json) minecraft .



  • Tab-completion results are now sorted alphabetically
  • Switched the Done and Reset Keys buttons on the controls screen for consistency


  • Enchantments with negative effects.
  • Two curses added: the Curse of Binding (Enchantment ID 10) and the Curse of Vanishing (Enchantment ID 71).
    • Curse of Binding will bind the item to you, making you unable to drop it or take it off if it is an armor item, although it will drop when you die. Players in Creative mode are unaffected by this curse.
    • Curse of Vanishing will make the item disappear if you die. /gamerule keepInventory true will prevent this.
  • Cursed tools, armor and books can be found as loot in some generated structures.


End gateway portal End Gateway Type Non-Solid Block Physics No Transparency No Luminance Yes, 15 Blast resistance 18,000,000 Hardness -1 Tool None Renewable No Stackable N/A Flammable No First appearances See history Drops None Block entity id end_gateway minecraft blocks
  • Now use a magenta-colored beam when teleporting entities, rather than yellow.
    • This color matches the beam that occurs when the block first generates


Map Map Type Tools Durability N/A Renewable Yes Stackable Yes (64) First appearances See History Data values Drawn dec: 358 hex: 166 bin: 101100110 Empty dec: 395 hex: 18B bin: 110001011 Name PCPersonal Computer Drawn: filled_map Empty: map PE Drawn: ? Empty: emptymap This minecraft
Potions Potion Type Potions Durability N/A Renewable Yes Stackable No First appearances See History Data values See Data values Name See Data values See the drinkable potions. For the throwable potions, see Splash minecraft and Tipped Arrows Arrow Type Combat Durability N/A Renewable Yes Stackable Yes (64) Internal ID Normal / Tipped: PC: 10, PE: 80 Spectral: PC: 24 Network ID Normal / Tipped: PC: 60 Spectral: PC: 91 Entity ID Normal minecraft
  • Item texture`s color can now be custom colored by CustomPotionColor tag.


Shulker Shulker Health points 30 ( × 15) Armor points 20 ( × 10) when closed Attack strength 4 () Size Closed: Height: 1.0 Blocks Width: 1.0 Blocks Open: Height: 1.2069 Blocks Width: 1.0 Blocks Spawn End city minecraft
Villager Villager Health points 20 () Size Adult: Height: 1.95 Blocks Width: 0.6 Blocks Baby: Height: 0.975 Blocks Width: 0.3 Blocks Spawn Village When a zombie villager is cured First appearances See History Drops None Experience minecraft
Wither Skeleton Wither Skeleton Health points 20 () Attack strength Easy: 4 () Normal: 7 () Hard: 10 () Size Height: 2.4 Blocks Width: 0.7 Blocks Spawn Nether fortresses at light level 7 or less First appearances minecraft
  • Now have their own sounds.
Zombie Villager Zombie Health points 20 () Armor points 2 () Attack strength Easy: 2 () Normal: 3 () Hard: 4 () Size Adult: Height: 1.95 Blocks Width: 0.6 Blocks Baby: Height: 0.975 Blocks Width: 0.3 Blocks Spawn minecraft
  • Now have their own sounds.

Non-mob entities

Evocation Fangs
  • Evoker is summoned when doing Fang Attack
  • There are two kinds of offensive bite and defensive bite
  • Fangs in warmup still have a visible debug hitbox
  • Damages 6 () deals to mobs that were in place
  • Naturally spawned fangs do not harm illagers
    • But player-spawned ones do


  • Syntax: /locate
    • Accepts: EndCity, Fortress, Mansion, Mineshaft, Monument, Stronghold, Temple and Village.
    • Desert temples, Jungle temples, Witch huts and Igloos all go under the Temple category.
  • Pushes coordinates for the closest structure of given type in the chat for the player who executed the command.
    • Returns the message "Located Structure at x y z".
    • Will display the Y coordinates as "(y?)" for some structures
    • If a structure is not located nearby (i.e. in a different dimension), it will respond with "Unable to locate any StructureType feature"

World Generation

Return portals
Woodland Mansion Woodland mansion Biome Roofed Forest Consists of See Structure. Can generate post-generation N/A First appearances See history This article may need cleanup to comply with the style guide. Please help improve this if you can. minecraft


10 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.11
  • MC-58677 – GUI has inconsistent capitalization
  • MC-76173 – "Note Blocks" appear as "Noteblocks" in statistics
  • MC-92139 – Too many tipped arrows in the "Combat" section of the Creative inventory
  • MC-107170 – writeString method of PacketBuffer is not creating correct exception text
  • MC-107320 – Sort order of command autocomplete confusing
From the 1.11 development versions
  • MC-106077 – Missing sound files (largeblast1.ogg / largeblast_far1.ogg) because of CamelCase in 1.11.json
From the previous development version
  • MC-107154 – Junk potion from fishing is uncraftable potion
  • MC-107165 – Brewing icon displays the incorrect color in Creative inventory tab
  • MC-107166 – Experience bottles produce pink particles.
  • MC-107284 – Disabling shields with axes doesn`t work