Potion-Brewing Procedure

    1. Start by crafting a brewing stand in a Crafting Table by arranging the ingredients in the following manner:

    Brewing Stand
    None None None
    Blaze Rod
    2. In addition to the brewing stand, the player will need:
    Blaze Powder
    , a
    Glass Bottle
    (crafted using 3 Glass), and a Water Source to fill the bottles with(i.e. a lake or a Cauldron).

    The Brewing interface of the Brewing Stand

    3. Fill the Glass Bottles with Water by right-clicking on a water source or a cauldron while holding the bottles. Once the player has finished filling the bottles, they can begin Brewing.

    4. Put 1⃢₀ₓ3 Water Bottles inside the Brewing Stand and then put the first base ingredient (Usually
    Nether Wart
    ) in the top slot. When it finishes brewing, the player should have an Awkward Potion if they used a Nether Wart.

    5. Once the player has an Awkward Potion, they can put other ingredients in the top slot to create several different effects.

    TIP: If the player is unsure which ingredients to use, look at the Potion Recipes section below.


    Ingredients have a wide range of effects most of which develop certain types of potions with a few ingredients that specify the type of potion being brewed.


    Bases are key ingredients that typically start off the brewing process. Bases are the first ingredient added to the filled Glass Bottles. The most commonly used base is the Nether Wart since it is needed to make the largest range of possible potions. The types of bases are:

    • Nether Wart
    • Redstone
    • Glowstone Dust
    • Fermented Spider Eye

    Secondary Ingredients

    Secondary ingredients are the ingredients that determine the type of potion (in other words, the effect). They are:

    • Blaze Powder