Version 6.05


Version 6.05
(Full list) See game build updates. For a list of all updates, see Patches. Versions are successive Dota 2 builds that bring new content and balance changes to the game. Most major versions are
  • Balance changes.
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Date Needed
← 6.04b Version 6.04b(Full list) Balance changes. Release Date DotA:Date Needed  ← 6.046.05 →  *Sent tileset changed so its not so bright *Mar. of the Machines now 12/24/32/40 from 8/16/24/40 *Lucky stars cannot instantly kill bear *Iginus 6.06 → Version 6.06(Full list) Changed Enigma s alliance from Scourge to Sentinel ( Dire to Radiant). Some balance changes. Release Date DotA:Date Needed  ← 6.056.07 →  -Duplicate heroes fixed maybe this time!] -Maelstrom values tweaked -Mask of

 Tweaks  *Rewrote scoreboard system *Morph changed significantly *Lucifer lost rain of fire and gained a new ability *New command, -recreate added for tb/naix/lycan wc3 control loss issue (200 sec casting time, fountain range required) *Naix Lifesteal now orb effect *Sandking gained a new passive. *Sent base now same shape as scourge *Recoded illuminate *Gave Lich Icy Hands back *Rebased Shadowraze to not cancel previous action *Recoded Spirit Lance *Tweaked timing of dmg on blink strike  Balances  *Chaos Knight: Critical strike changed from 3.67 to 3.33 *Medusa: Splitshot from 35/45/55/65 to 40/50/60/70% *Gambler: AllIn now uses a random number from 1 to gold with a MAX of 2500 to bound the odds. *Bone Fletcher: WW lvl 4 changed from 40% to 35% *Bone Fletcher: Strafe changed from 40/70/95/110 to 55/70/85/100 *Faceless Void: Timestop lvl 3 cooldown is 110 seconds up from 90 *Skeleton King: Crit changed from 1.5/2/2.5/3 to 1.25/1.75/2.25/2.75 *Sandking: Epicenter casting time at lvl 3 changed from 1.25 to 1.5 seconds *Stone Giant: Area of effect of avalanche slightly increase *Furion: Force of Nature (furion treants) cooldown increased from 30 to 37. *Satyr Hellcaster mana burn ranged reduced *Move speed bonuses no longer stack *Neutral Centaurs no longer ressurect  Bugs  *Sandking: Can no longer cast epicenter or burrow strike underground. You can but it won`t do anything. *Sandking: Epicenter conditional bug fixed *Morphling: Instead of 2/2/0 stats on morph he now gains 2/2/1 *Crystal Maiden: Control loss via reflecting frostbite fixed. *Stone Giant: Fast Grow fixed *Phantom Assassin: Refresh restored for PA *Visage: Fixed extra range due to Visage Soul Assumption *Techies: Remote mines dealing proper damage type. *Doombringer: Doom cooldown icon properly reflects actual cooldown. *Duplicate heroes resolved (probably, hard to confirm with 100% certainty due its nature) *Revival buyback bug fixed *Global Hex bug fixed  Items  *Items reorganized in a better fashion *New item - Maelstrom *Fixed the shop levels (so they don`t all say lvl 3) *Monkey King Bar now has 30% chance to deal 90 damage *Necronomicon cooldown decreased by 5 seconds all levels. *Linken Mirror Shield recipe cost reduced from 1000 to 800 *Blade Mail gives +15 dmg up from +9 *Corrected resale prices on all of the combo items *Bracer and Wraith recipe now cost 230 from 250 *Staff of Negation aoe changed from 200 to 300 and is now properly perishable *Staff of Negation changed from 5 charges to 3 *Headdress no longer has active heal, recipe cost from 300->225 *Mekansm cannot be dropped *Treads no longer clickable *Dominate cooldown now 5 minutes  Misc  *Few map optimizations (smaller map too) *Leshrac Hero Description changed (fan fiction contest) *Centaur Hero Description added *More hero descriptions added *Slardar uses his old voice *Fixed a typo in which Shukuchi was spelled "Shukuci" *Queen of Pain`s "Scream of Pain" no longer has the word "knife" in it. *Dopplewalk Duration tooltip typo *Removed backstab text *Smoke Screen typo *Minor Terrain doodad tweaks *Fixed Terror tooltip *Rabbit model size increased a bit *Bounty Hunter model slightly bigger *Orb effect added to soul assumption tooltip *Improved the backswing timing of techies attack  Quick notes: A new loading screen picture will be included in the next version (contest in graphics center now) Morph is still considered to be under development, he will most likely get tweaked a bit next version. I`d like to give my personal thanks to ki-hunterkiller his extensive beta testing support along with all the other beta testers, As well as naz and zetta for their input on various ideas.