Version 6.06


Version 6.06
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← 6.05 Version 6.05(Full list) Balance changes. Release Date DotA:Date Needed  ← 6.04b6.06 →  Tweaks] *Rewrote scoreboard system *Morph changed significantly *Lucifer lost rain of fire and gained a new ability *New command, -recreate added for tb/naix/lycan 6.07 → Version 6.07(Full list) Added new heroes: Spirit Breaker Bristleback Removed Gambler hero. Release Date DotA:Date Needed  ← 6.066.08 →  *Sent and Scourge each get a new hero *Significant map cleanup and size reduction. Map size

 -Duplicate heroes fixed maybe this time! -Maelstrom values tweaked -Mask of Madness%dmg taken from 25->20 -Faceless cannot carry refresher orb -Bottom lane scourge creeps meet sent creeps a bit higher up -Tweaked neutral creep locations and abilities a little -Slightly changed a few recipe costs -Changed some values on Morph Attack and Unstable Power -Reworked timestop to reduce lag -Reworked scattershot to reduce lag -Tweaked Fissure to reduce lag -Removed watery effect from slardar stomp to reduce lag -All In proper odds fixed along with one or two other gambler modifications -Blink strike properly deals damage -Slightly changed a few recipe costs. -Morphling stat points now add 2/2/2 and starting intelligence from 15 to 17 -SK Burrowstrike stun duration changed from 2 -> 1.65 -Epicenter values tweaked a bit -Sent and Scourge Supercreeps now do same damage (dmg similar to 5.84 supercreeps) -Sapphire water changed from 12 sec(33.3hp/sec) to 20 sec (20hp/sec) (Still total 400 though) -Removed some items from consumable shop and organized it. -Tiny Grow reduced speed improved, from -20/-40/-60 to -20/-35/-50 -Slightly buffed scorched earth -Untouchable properly works at higher levels now -Dark ritual cooldown increased a bit -Enigma and Gambler switched sides (Clan Match balance, at least temporarily) -Wand of Negation removed -Fixed song of siren duration as it was listed -Tweaked Malefice to be useful to level -Timestop cooldown increased and the aoe chanegd from global to something similar to song of the siren -Changed `Presence of the Dark Lord` ability to an aura that gives -1/2/3/4 armor in an area -Tweaked bonuses received during avatar -Refresher temporarily disabled on veno (will restore next version pending a global fix, which is done but i`d like to give time to test it rather than rush it in now) -Many other misc tweaks (Explore!) -Quest Menu readded. -Fixed many typos -Hero descriptions added -Ignis Fatuus now has an attack (just to fix when you `attack-move` and it runs to the front lines)  Notes: ------- I`ve decided that for the time being i will not address issues with mm,id,dm until other more important issues for the more common modes are dealt with. Most likely in the next version or two i`ll get around to those, but not for this version.  New heroes will most likely start being introduced next version or two, depending on the remaining number of balance/bugs issues in this one.