Demon Blood Armor


Demon Blood Armor
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Heavy platemail forged in the blood of the Tarnsmen`s dead gods.
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Forged in Demons` Blood Set Forged in Demons Blood Set Bundle AxeRarity: Rare Buy Now on Market Includes all of the items in the Forged in Demons Blood set for Axe Created By Released31 May 2012 OriginPurchase Forged in Demons dota2
Demon Blood Helm Demon Blood Helm Wearable AxeRarity: UncommonSlot: Head Buy Now on Market A helm bearing the cyclopean visage of the Tarnsmen s demonic war god. It is said the Red Mist destroyed the god and took its dota2
Demon Blood Armor
Demon Blood Guard Demon Blood Guard Wearable AxeRarity: UncommonSlot: Belt Buy Now on Market When the Red Mist consumed the Thousand Tarns, the lakes turned red with the blood of the slain. Many demons masquerading as the lawmakers dota2
Blood Chaser Blood Chaser Wearable AxeRarity: MythicalSlot: Weapon Buy Now on Market A three section chained haft with double bladed axe head at the top. Nearly as dangerous to its wielder as it is to the enemy. dota2

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Demon Blood Armor
Demon Blood Armor