17w14a is the fourth snapshot released for 1.12 1.12 Official name World of Color Update 1] Release date Jun. 7, 2017 Development versions View all Snapshot 17w06a 17w13a 17w13b 17w14a 17w15a 17w16a 17w16b 17w17a 17w17b 17w18a 17w18b Pre-release 1.12-pre1 1.12-pre2 1.12-pre3 1.12-pre4 1.12-pre5 minecraft .



Advancements Java Edition Only “ The system as a whole is called "advancements", which is aimed at guiding & tracking players progress through the game (in vanilla survival and any custom additions by mapmakers or mods). minecraft
  • Added new advancements, including a new "adventure" tab
  • Pop-up notification for when players advance
    • New sliding effect
    • Comes in two different colors - yellow for normal advancements, and pink for "challenge" advancements
NBT tags
  • recipeBook: Now a compound tag (was a string) containing recipe book information
    • isFilteringCraftable: Becomes 1 if the player has enabled the "Show Craftable" featureSpecial attraction in the recipe book.
    • isGuiOpen: Checks if the player has left the GUI open.
      • unlocked
    • recipes: Contains information about all recipes the player has seen.
      • displayed: Checks if the player has tried out the recipe in the recipe book before (by clicking it/viewing it)
Recipe book Java Edition Only “ The recipe book, together with the advancements system, will help new players to learn the game and give advanced players a new challenge. „ —Maria Lemón on advancements and recipe books minecraft
Splashes See the message on the menu screen. For the potion, see Splash Potion. The main menu of Minecraft with random splash text. Splash texts are the yellow lines of text on the minecraft
  • "Now Java 6!" changed to "Now Java 8!"


Parrot Parrot Health points 6 () Size Height: 0.9 Blocks Width: 0.5 Blocks Spawn Jungle Drops Feather (1–2) Experience 1–3 Internal ID 105 Entity ID parrot Java Edition Only Parrots are flying tamable mobs. Contents 1 minecraft
Zombies Zombie Health points 20 () Armor points 2 () Attack strength Easy: 2 () Normal: 3 () Hard: 4 () Size Adult: Height: 1.95 Blocks Width: 0.6 Blocks Baby: Height: 0.975 Blocks Width: 0.3 Blocks Spawn minecraft
  • New ConversionPlayerLeast and ConversionPlayerMost tags
    • Contains the UUID of the player that is converting the zombie.
    • Used with the "minecraft:cured_zombie_villager" trigger for advancements.


21 issues fixed
From the 1.12 development versions
  • MC-114879 – Picking up an item has a chance to duplicate it
  • MC-114896 – Parrots don`t make any sounds when they are on your shoulder
  • MC-114943 – Items in crafting table disappear when selecting a recipe
  • MC-114976 – Parrots don`t show up on subtitles
  • MC-114987 – Unknown recipe message not translated
  • MC-114989 – recipe command causes unknown errors with invalid player argument
  • MC-114999 – Hover text of items in crafting grid is rendered behind crafting help
  • MC-115028 – Crafting recipe pop-up renders above items in the inventory gui
  • MC-115054 – Recipe interface doesn`t remember "showing all/craftable" preference when inventory closed
  • MC-115065 – "loot" reward for advancements does not provide items
  • MC-115067 – All instances of entity-matching conditions do not function for advancements
  • MC-115074 – Potion effects are still rendered under the recipe book
  • MC-115100 – Hover text of items in crafting help does not use same text and text box like hovering over item in inventory
  • MC-115107 – Helmet does not render after using autorecipe feature
  • MC-115123 – Parrots keep moving their legs even if they are on shoulders
  • MC-115129 – Missing crafting recipe resources render in front of item description
  • MC-115153 – recipe command not showing an error with invalid first argument
  • MC-115175 – New crafting menu texture bug
  • MC-115204 – Crash when canceling/changing recipe in recipe book with full inventory
From the previous development version
  • MC-115191 – Parrots disappear completely when leaving the End via a portal
  • MC-115209 – Crafting Book Not Accounting for Item Count