Kacem Alexandre Khilaji
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Youtube: NoxiousHearthstone
Twitter: NoxiousGLHF
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"The undisputed king of the Random Number Generator "I think it’s important for there to be some kind of randomness in the game. I think it creates great stories and I don’t think you want a game that is entirely no RNG. Heck, hearthstone ." - GiantKiller

Kacem Alexandre Khilaji, better known as Noxious, is a noted player of Hearthstone.


In beta

Noxious` icon from the Innkeeper`s Invitational 2013

Noxious was one of 8 players invited by Blizzard to participate in the 2013 Hearthstone Innkeeper`s Invitational The Innkeeper s Invitational edit] League information Organizer: Blizzard Entertainment Event type: Offline Start date: 2013-11-8 End date: 2013-11-9 Links: Website Share this page Tweet The Innkeeper s Invitational is a professional Hearthstone tournament hosted by Blizzard as part of hearthstone at Blizzcon.

Noxious was defeated 0-3 by Artosis Category:{{{location}}}]] Dan Stemkoski help] edit] Team Information Youtube: ArtosisTV Facebook: Twitter: Artosis Share this Page Tweet Dan "Artosis" Stemkoski is an e-sports commentator and noted player of Starcraft II and Hearthstone. Contents 1 Career hearthstone in the first round.


  • Oct 22 | Innkeeper`s Invitational Player Spotlight


Date Placement Tier Tournament Team Result Prize
2015-08-02 A55 - 8th A7Showm. Challengestone #3 2₠:₠3 ₠JustSaiyan $0
2015-06-28 A22nd A7Showm. Challengestone #2 1₠:₠4 ₠Kolento $600
2014-10-05 C525 - 33rd A1Premier World Cyber Arena 2014 1/0/2 Grp. S. $0
2013-11-09 A55 - 8th A7Showm. 2013 Innkeeper`s Invitational 0₠:₠3 ₠Artosis $0
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