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Dan "Artosis" Stemkoski is an e-sports commentator and noted player of Starcraft II and Hearthstone.


In beta

Artosis` icon from the Innkeeper`s Invitational 2013

Artosis was one of 8 players invited by Blizzard to participate in the 2013 Hearthstone Innkeeper`s Invitational The Innkeeper s Invitational edit] League information Organizer: Blizzard Entertainment Event type: Offline Start date: 2013-11-8 End date: 2013-11-9 Links: Website Share this page Tweet The Innkeeper s Invitational is a professional Hearthstone tournament hosted by Blizzard as part of hearthstone at Blizzcon.

After winning his first two rounds 3-0 and 3-1, he eventually went on to defeat Kripparrian Category:{{{location}}}]] Octavian Moroșan help] edit] Team Information Youtube: Kripparrian Twitter: Kripparrian Share this Page Tweet "Kripparrian smirks into your soul." - TotalBiscuit 1] Octavian "Kripparrian" Moroșan, also known as Kripp or nl_Kripp, is a noted hearthstone 3-2 in a close-fought final, winning the tournament and claiming his first tournament win at a Blizzcon. He was crowned "Grandmaster of the Hearth" and awarded a special engraved silver tankard in recognition of his achievement.



"I feel that in a game like Hearthstone you can`t become good in a vacuum, you need people helping you, you need to work with other people."
"I was pretty excited actually when Hearthstone was announced, because the people who made my favorite game Starcraft were now making a game much like where I started my competitive career - Magic."


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In Beta

Among 7 others, including StarCraft colleagues Day9, Husky and Trump, he was invited to participate in the first high-profile Hearthstone tournament which was held during BlizzCon 2013, the Innkeeper`s Invitational. On his road to the finals, he swept his competition with a strong Paladin deck before he secured the championship in a close 3-2 match against Kripparrian after winning the deciding Warrior vs. Mage game with a Charge play. Friends of his from the StarCraft community including Tasteless, Suppy and DeMusliM rushed the stage after victory was secured, and he imitated the trophy kiss he had seen from GSL winners when he received the champion`s silver tankard.

The StarCraft II WCS Global Finals` second semifinal between Jaedong and Maru was even briefly delayed in order to give Artosis and anyone who wanted to watch him time. Host ReDeYe took it upon himself to announce Artosis` win to the crowd, saying as they cheered, "Just goes to show you that as StarCraft players, we can play anything!" Artosis then returned to the caster`s desk later that night to cast the grand finals between Jaedong and sOs alongside Tasteless and Apollo.

Since then, he has appeared on multiple Hearthstone seasons of Fight Night while also being a caster for the StarCraft II edition and also took 2nd place at the IEM Season VIII World Championship, where he also doubled as a StarCraft caster, and also casted during the opening phases of the BlizzCon World Championships before transitioning to the StarCraft casting and analysis desks for the remainder of the event.


  • Is a native of New Hampshire.
  • Named his Priest deck "Artosis Curse", referencing his reputation as a StarCraft caster for cursing players when he predicts their victories.
  • Played Magic: The Gathering when he was younger and credits his Hearthstone skill in part to that experience.
  • Has been a part of Meet Your Makers and Sixjax Gaming and lived in the eSTRO team house during his Brood War career.
  • In StarCraft, he is currently a Protoss player, but he played as Terran in Brood War and as Zerg during the beta of Wings of Liberty.
  • Is a vegetarian.
  • Married in November 2013 and walked down the aisle to the Terran theme from StarCraft I. The Stemkoskis have a daughter named Aria born in January 2012.
  • His filmography includes a voice acting part with Tasteless in the Korean disaster film Haeundae (Tidal Wave), where the two of them voice American helicopter rescuers, and a starring role in the documentary Sons of StarCraft, which chronicles his and Tasteless`s careers as players and casters.
  • Has a gaming- and especially StarCraft-themed line of shirts and jackets with Tasteless called The Handsome Nerd.
  • Since the release of Hearthstone, while casting StarCraft, he has occasionally referred to Energy as Mana.


Date Placement Tier Tournament Team Result Prize
2014-10-19 C525 - 32nd A1Premier SeatStory Cup II 1₠:₠3 ₠StrifeCro $0
2014-05-06 A22nd A2Major OGN Invitational 0₠:₠4 ₠Savjz $5,000
2014-03-16 A22nd A2Major IEM Season VIII World Championship 1₠:₠3 ₠Gnimsh $1,000
2014-03-09 A44th A2Major SeatStory Cup I 3₠:₠4 ₠Trump $1,000
2013-11-09 A11st A7Showm. 2013 Innkeeper`s Invitational 3₠:₠2 ₠Kripparrian $0
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