• The Titans were a group of beings in Greek mythology.


A Titan

The Titan is a type of bi-pedal omnic.



Titans were first conceived by the Ironclad Guild Ironclad Guild Type Research and development group The Ironclad Guild was a research and development group that existed prior to the Omnic Crisis. Among its creations was the Titan walker. 1] Known Members edit | overwatch prior to the Omnic Crisis For the graphic novel of the same name, see Overwatch: The Omnic Crisis Omnic Crisis Type Global human-omnic conflict Location Global Outcome Human victory The Omnic Crisis was a rebellion by the omnics against their overwatch , with Torbj⸣⸖rn Lindholm Torbjörn "Build em up, Break em down." Real Name Torbjörn Lindholm Age 57 Nationality Swedish Occupation Weapons designer Base Gothenburg, Sweden Affiliation Ironclad Guild (formerly)Overwatch (formerly) Relations WifeEight children Voice Keith Silverstein (English) José Luccioni overwatch playing a large role in their conception. The idea was to create a walker that would aid in the construction of high-rises. During the Omnic Crisis, the Titan design was pilfered by the omnics Omnics Omnics are artificially intelligent robots produced by omniums. 1] Contents 1 Background 1.1 History 2 Known Omnics 2.1 Types 3 References Background edit | edit source] Omnics are produced by omniums, automated robotics factories overwatch and retrofitted into a weapon of war. These units possessed infrared sensors and an abundance of heavy firepower, and were proficient in spotting and eliminating targets and laying waste to entire cities. The omnics also installed an internal drone defense system. The Titan itself is controlled from a cockpit.

A Titan was piloted by Sven Sven Occupation Engineer Affiliation Himself Sven is an engineer and old (and former) friend of Torbjörn Lindholm. Story edit | edit source] “ My angle, old friend, is the preservation of our species. „ Sven overwatch decades after the Omnic Crisis when he unleashed it on the city of Boklovo Boklovo Location Kurjikstan Boklovo is the capital city of Kurjikstan. Decades after the Omnic Crisis, the city was attacked by a Titan piloted by Sven. The Kurjikstani military was deployed in a bid to stop overwatch , shrugging off anything the Kurjikstani Kurjikstan is a small country. It is ruled by a dictatorship that, according to Sven, maintains its rule through ruthless and immoral means, and is bent on expansion, acting in an unpredictable manner on the military threw at it. While Torbj⸣⸖rn was eventually able to deactivate the walker, it wasn`t before a large portion of the city was destroyed.