Team 4



As of Sep. 2, 2016, there are roughly 100 developers in Team 4, with five disciplines: Audio, Art, Engineering, Production, and Design. There are also two full-time Business Operations people, an esports director, a dedicated Quality Assurance team, and a dedicated Community team.



Team 4 was formed to develop Titan, a next-generation MMO. Though Team 4 grew in members, Titan itself was not coming together right. The game was officially cancelled on Sep. 23, 2014.

In the summer of 2013, a small core group started working on a new idea, which would become Overwatch. The size of the team fluctuated throughout the development of Overwatch, ranging from about 40 developers to 75, the number they had at the launch of the beta. Around launch, the audio team was brought on full-time, as well as an automation team, who kept the beta stable.