Second Omnic Crisis


Jack Morrison Soldier: 76 "We re all soldiers now." Real Name Jack Morrison Age Unknown Nationality American Occupation Soldier (formerly)Overwatch commander (formerly)Vigilante Base Bloomington, Indiana, United States (birth place) 1] Unknown Affiliation United States military (formerly)Overwatch (formerly) Voice overwatch opinioned that the King`s Row Uprising King s Row Type Hybrid (Assault, then Escort) Location England Terrain Narrow, cobblestone streets King s Row is a Hybrid map, starting with Assault and leading into Escort. It is a map set at night in winding overwatch could have led to open war; potentially, the Second Omnic Crisis could have started in the United Kingdom “ If you ask me, the Brits have their heads on straight! Omnic rights? Pah! „ ~ Torbjörn United Kingdom Location Western Europe Terrain Various The United Kingdom is a west European country. Contents 1 overwatch years before Russia if not for Overwatch See the in-game organization. For the article about the game, see Overwatch. "Conflict. As the world teetered on the brink of anarchy, a new hope arose. An elite international taskforce charged with overwatch .




During the first Omnic Crisis For the graphic novel of the same name, see Overwatch: The Omnic Crisis Omnic Crisis Type Global human-omnic conflict Location Global Outcome Human victory The Omnic Crisis was a rebellion by the omnics against their overwatch , the Russian Defense Forces Russian Defense Forces Affiliation Russia Type Armed forces Standing Active The Russian Defense Forces are the armed forces of Russia. Background edit | edit source] The RDF fought against the omnics during the Omnic Crisis. overwatch were able to defeat the omnics and shut down their omnium The Detroit omnium Omniums are self-improving automated robotics factories installed in locations worldwide, originally constructed by the now-defunct Omnica Corporation. Though these factories were eventually dismantled following evidence of corporate fraud, they later reactivated of overwatch in Siberia. Thirty years later, the omnium reactivated and the region was thrust into conflict once again. The country ordered Volskaya Industries This article is a stub. You can help Overwatch Wiki by expanding it. Volskaya Industries Type Assault Location Russia Terrain Machine construction zone Volskaya Industries is an Assault map in Overwatch. Contents 1 Official Description 2 overwatch to increase Svyatogor A Svyatogor The Svyatogor is a type of human-piloted 1] mechanized walker produced by Volskaya Industries. 2] They successfully defended Russia during the Omnic Crisis. 1] These mechs continue to be used in the defense overwatch production to deal with the increased hostilities. Likewise, the company developed a new type of mech A mech Mechs are a type of bi-pedal walker. Contents 1 Types 1.1 MEKA 1.2 Volskaya Industries 1.3 Omnic 2 References Types edit | edit source] MEKA edit | edit source] A MEKA-type mech MEKA overwatch in order to combat the omnics. Propaganda was employed to remind the populace of the continued omnic threat, and a coordinated offensive was made against the omnics. The conflict has since claimed over 15,000 lives, with the international community reluctant to intervene.