Russia is a Eurasian country. The country maintains an athletics program.



Russia was a battlefield during the Omnic Crisis For the graphic novel of the same name, see Overwatch: The Omnic Crisis Omnic Crisis Type Global human-omnic conflict Location Global Outcome Human victory The Omnic Crisis was a rebellion by the omnics against their overwatch , and was one of the countries hit hardest by the war. Overwatch See the in-game organization. For the article about the game, see Overwatch. "Conflict. As the world teetered on the brink of anarchy, a new hope arose. An elite international taskforce charged with overwatch had a minimal presence within the country, so Russia had to defend itself on its own. In this, they were successful, as human-piloted Svyatogor A Svyatogor The Svyatogor is a type of human-piloted 1] mechanized walker produced by Volskaya Industries. 2] They successfully defended Russia during the Omnic Crisis. 1] These mechs continue to be used in the defense overwatch mechs were deployed to battle the omnic Omnics Omnics are artificially intelligent robots produced by omniums. 1] Contents 1 Background 1.1 History 2 Known Omnics 2.1 Types 3 References Background edit | edit source] Omnics are produced by omniums, automated robotics factories overwatch armies. In Siberia, the Russian Defense Forces Russian Defense Forces Affiliation Russia Type Armed forces Standing Active The Russian Defense Forces are the armed forces of Russia. Background edit | edit source] The RDF fought against the omnics during the Omnic Crisis. overwatch were able to defeat the omnic forces and shut down their omnium The Detroit omnium Omniums are self-improving automated robotics factories installed in locations worldwide, originally constructed by the now-defunct Omnica Corporation. Though these factories were eventually dismantled following evidence of corporate fraud, they later reactivated of overwatch . Be that as it may, the region was devastated as a result. During the rebuilding process, Russia rode the wave of the mechanized labor industry⃢₀ₙs revitalization and entered a period of rapid growth.

Russia, once again a battlefield

Russia became a battleground once more in the Second Omnic Crisis Second Omnic Crisis Type Human-omnic conflict Location Russia The Second Omnic Crisis is a human-omnic conflict that is being waged in Russia. Background edit | edit source] During the first Omnic Crisis, the Russian Defense overwatch . Facing renewed omnic aggression from the Siberian omnium, the country ordered that Volskaya Industries This article is a stub. You can help Overwatch Wiki by expanding it. Volskaya Industries Type Assault Location Russia Terrain Machine construction zone Volskaya Industries is an Assault map in Overwatch. Contents 1 Official Description 2 overwatch increase Svyatagor production in order to deal with the threat. Propaganda was employed to remind the populace of the continuing omnic threat, and a coordinated offensive was made against the omnics, while its Svyatagors guarded its cities. The conflict has since claimed over 15,000 lives, with the international community reluctant to intervene.

With news of unauthorized Overwatch activities at a museum Note: The title of this article is based on conjecture. Overwatch Museum Type Museum Standing Active The Overwatch Museum is a museum dedicated to Overwatch. It contains information on the group itself, a history of overwatch , the Kremlin joined the international community in denouncing the vigilante actions.

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Date Placement Tier Tournament Results Prize
2016-11-05 A22nd A4Misc Overwatch World Cup 0₠:₠4 $18,000
2016-09-14 A11 - 6th A5Qualifier Overwatch World Cup: European Qualifier 3₠:₠0 $0
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