The Detroit omnium

Omniums are self-improving automated robotics factories installed in locations worldwide, originally constructed by the now-defunct Omnica Corporation Omnica Corporation Type Robotics production group Standing Defunct Omnica Corporation was a multinational corporate entity that revolutionized the manufacturing of robotics through the use of their patented omnium factories, precipitating the Omnic Crisis. 1] History . Though these factories were eventually dismantled following evidence of corporate fraud, they later reactivated of their own accord and launched attacks against humanity in a conflict that would come to be known as the Omnic Crisis For the graphic novel of the same name, see Overwatch: The Omnic Crisis Omnic Crisis Type Global human-omnic conflict Location Global Outcome Human victory The Omnic Crisis was a rebellion by the omnics against their overwatch . The robots produced by omniums are known as omnics Omnics Omnics are artificially intelligent robots produced by omniums. 1] Contents 1 Background 1.1 History 2 Known Omnics 2.1 Types 3 References Background edit | edit source] Omnics are produced by omniums, automated robotics factories overwatch . These factories are powered by fusion cores that, if destroyed, can result in nuclear fallout.

Known Omniums