The OR14 was a line of omnic built in Nigeria`s massive manufacturing omnium The Detroit omnium Omniums are self-improving automated robotics factories installed in locations worldwide, originally constructed by the now-defunct Omnica Corporation. Though these factories were eventually dismantled following evidence of corporate fraud, they later reactivated of overwatch . It later became a frontline combatant during the Omnic Crisis. At the end of the war, the OR14 along with many other omnic models were taken out of production. Twenty years after the end of the conflict, the citizens of Numbani developed a more advanced version of the OR14, the OR15 “ And someday, my dream is to build something that can keep us safe, like the new OR15s! I think that would be great. „ ~ Efi Oladele OR15 units in Numbani The OR15 (alternatively overwatch , to protect themselves from threats against Numbani and more importantly, Doomfist “ Oh man. They say he could level a skyscraper. „ ~ Timmy Doomfist s posters in Numbani The moniker of "Doomfist" has been carried by at least three individuals, referred to as "the Savior," "the overwatch .

Null Sector “ No humans „ ~ A Null Sector slogan Null Sector Headquarters London, United Kingdom Type Extremist/terrorist group Null Sector was an extremist/terrorist group that utilized violent methods to achieve omnic rights. They operated out overwatch used customized OR14`s in King`s Row Uprising King s Row Type Hybrid (Assault, then Escort) Location England Terrain Narrow, cobblestone streets King s Row is a Hybrid map, starting with Assault and leading into Escort. It is a map set at night in winding overwatch , and labelled them as OR14-NS (where the NS was the short for Null Sector.)