Hoe Minecraft


Achievements (Achievements) Minecraft

Pocket Edition & Console Edition only The popup that appears when an achievement is earned. "The End?" and "The End." redirect here. For the dimension, see The End. Certain names of achievements redirect here. For
Console Edition (Console Edition) Minecraft

Console Edition Author(s) Mojang AB 4J Studios Platform(s) Written in C++ Latest version Xbox 360 - TU53 Xbox One - CU43 PS3 - 1.51 PS4 - 1.50 PSVita - 1.51 Wii U - Patch 23
Farmland (Farmland) Minecraft

Farmland Transparency PC: Partial (Blocks light) PE: Yes Luminance No Blast resistance 3 Tool Renewable No Stackable Yes (64) Flammable No Drops Dirt (1) Data value dec: 60 hex: 3C bin: 111100 Name farmland “ Want to live
1.8 (1.8) Minecraft

1.8 Official name Bountiful Update Type Release Release date September 2, 2014 1] Development versions View all Snapshots 14w02a 14w02b 14w02c 14w03a 14w03b 14w04a 14w04b 14w05a 14w05b 14w06a 14w06b 14w07a 14w08a 14w10a 14w10b 14w10c 14w11a
1.9 (1.9) Minecraft

1.9 Official name Combat Update Type Release Release date February 29, 2016 1] Development versions View all Snapshots 15w31a 15w31b 15w31c 15w32a 15w32b 15w32c 15w33a 15w33b 15w33c 15w34a 15w34b 15w34c 15w34d 15w35a 15w35b 15w35c 15w35d
12w38a (12w38a) Minecraft

12w38a Type Snapshot Release date September 20, 2012 1] Snapshot for 1.4.2 Download Client Server .exe ◄◄ 1.3.2 ◄ 12w37a 12w38b ► 1.4.4 ►► This article is about the computer edition. For other editions, see
Item durability (Item durability) Minecraft

Item durability is a property that affects all tools, weapons and armor, as well as certain other usable items. It represents the number of useful actions an item can perform and depletes upon item use.
Tools (Tools) Minecraft

This article is about the in-game items. For program enhancing software, see Programs and Editors. Tools are items used by the player while held to perform actions faster and more efficiently, to gather materials not
Hoe (Hoe) Minecraft

Hoe Type Tools Durability Wood: 60 Uses Stone: 132 Uses Iron: 251 Uses Golden: 33 Uses Diamond: 1562 Uses Renewable Diamond: No All Others: Yes Stackable No Data values See Data values Name See Data
Diamond (Diamond) Minecraft

Diamond Type Raw materials Durability N/A Renewable No Stackable Yes (64) First appearances See History Data value dec: 264 hex: 108 bin: 100001000 Name diamond This article is about the gem. For the ore, see Diamond Ore. For