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Tomas Alaeus is a member of Mojang AB Mojang AB Type Subsidiary Founder(s) Markus Persson, Jakob Porsér, and Carl Manneh Founded 2009 Headquarters Stockholm, Sweden Key people Jens Bergensten Products Minecraft, Scrolls, Cobalt, and Crown and Council Parent @@@#@@@Microsoft( Studios Links Site Mojang minecraft since early Mar. 2015. He is a developer for Minecraft Pocket Edition Pocket Edition Author(s) Mojang AB Jens Bergensten Aron Nieminen Daniel Kaplan Tommaso Checchi Shoghi Cervantes Jason Major Daniel Wustenhoff Tomas Alaeus Mikael "Slicedlime" Hedberg MicrosoftTechnology company Studios 1] Platform(s) Written in C++ 2] Latest version 1.1.2 minecraft and will mostly develop the Pocket Edition`s Realms Minecraft Realms Hosts Mojang Website Subreddit Support address This article needs updating. Description: PCPersonal Computer and PE/Win10 Realms have a number of differences. 1] If you have questions that need official sources, feel minecraft .

Tomas Alaeus studied Computer engineering at Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden from 2005 to 2010. After that, he worked as a game developer at the company "Fabrication Games" in Stockholm for about one year. In Mar. 2012, he changed to the Swedish offshoot of the British game company "King". There he worked as game developer, especially on the Pocket version of the game "Candy Crush Saga", for three years until he came to Mojang.