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PvP, an abbreviation of Player versus Player, refers to combat in Minecraft. It involves players fighting other players in multiplayer See the multiplayer experience in Minecraft. For the multiplayer software, see Server. PvP (Player versus Player) on a multiplayer server. Multiplayer is the server-based version of Minecraft that enables multiple players to minecraft . Whether fighting in teams or in one-on-one duels, this is a hard nut to crack for many players Java Edition Only Hardcore worlds are the most unforgiving type of Minecraft world. It can take many attempts before actually reaching the credits, which can be very frustrating. This article focuses on SSP Hardcore strategies, .

This guide covers PvP in Vanilla Minecraft, though it will acknowledge well-known server plugins.

Before fighting, an aspiring combatant should have a firm grasp of Minecraft`s controls, as well as knowledge regarding how to obtain and use the following:

Knowing the Rules

PvP can occur on any server See the multiplayer software in Minecraft. For the multiplayer experience, see Multiplayer. For the official Mojang paid-for servers, see Realms. For other unofficial Minecraft server software, see custom servers. Minecraft servers allow where it is enabled. Be that as it may, the administrators (often abbreviated to admins) typically set rules for PvP on their server.

Because some servers endorse building and adventuring cooperatively, while others are PvP-oriented, servers will usually have some rules that dictate whether or not PvP is allowed on that particular server. By joining a server, players willingly agree to the rules and accept them as bounds for their behavior in PvP.



The quality of a combatant`s equipment is an important and often deciding factor in PvP, increasing one`s survivability and damage output. Players should be familiar with all aspects of equipment in order to effectively utilize them and play around that of their enemies`.


Fire Aspect and Flame

  • Ability: Damage over Time, Higher levels make fire damage last longer.
  • Highest Level: Fire Aspect - II (2), Flame - I (1)
  • Used on: Sword (Fire Aspect), Bow (Flame)
  • Notes: This effect goes right through all kinds of armor, however it doesn`t always work reliably: don`t try to attack someone with orange particle effects or a full set of enchanted armor. Chances are, they have fire resistance on them.

Sharpness and Power

  • Ability: Deals a random amount of extra damage, damage limit is increased by higher levels.
  • Used on: Sword (Sharpness), Bow (Power)
  • Highest Level: V (5)
  • Notes: The additional damage bypasses armor protection, so your enemy`s diamond armor won`t protect them that much from your Sharpness V (5) diamond/iron sword. The damage dealt isn`t constant, so fighting isn`t a just a matter of who strikes first or who has better armor and Weapons, but how much damage is dealt.


  • Ability: Wearer has a chance to reflect taken damage back at opponent. Higher levels offer higher chance to reflect damage.
  • Used on: All armor pieces
  • Highest level: III (3)
  • Notes: Be wary of the extra durability damage your armor takes. If you combine Thorns and Protection, then your armor will break very, very quickly, unless it has Unbreaking.

Knockback and Punch

  • Ability: Knocks target back farther. Higher levels will increase distance.
  • Highest Level: II (2)
  • Used on: Sword (Knockback), Bow (Punch)
  • Notes: These enchantments should be preferably used against players with Strength on them (surrounded by dark red swirl particles). If you knock them away, they won`t be able to use their Strength to its full extent, as it only affects Melee combat. On the other hand, if you know someone has a Power V (5) bow, but only a wooden sword, then maybe keeping them close will be a better strategy.


Potion Potion Type Potions Durability N/A Renewable Yes Stackable No First appearances See History Data values See Data values Name See Data values See the drinkable potions. For the throwable potions, see Splash minecraft
Potions can do a variety of effects, of which most positive effects can be applied to strengthen the player, and negative effects can be thrown as splash potions Splash Potion Type Potions Durability N/A Renewable Yes Stackable No First appearances See History Data value dec: 438 hex: 1B6 bin: 110110110 Name splash_potion See the throwable potions. For the throwable potions that leave a minecraft to affect other players. You can additionally use lingering potions Lingering Potion Type Potions Durability N/A Renewable Yes Stackable No First appearances See History Data value dec: 441 hex: 1B9 bin: 110111001 Name lingering_potion See throwable potions that leave a lingering area of effect. For minecraft for a longer time of effect, at of cost of it being a more expensive potion (requiring dragon`s breath Dragon s Breath Type Raw materials Durability N/A Renewable Yes Stackable Yes (64) First appearances See history Data value dec: 437 hex: 1B5 bin: 110110101 Name dragon_breath See the item. For the block, see Fire. “ minecraft ). If you are going up against an opponent it is almost always wise to bring an inventory dominated by potions. Strength II, Speed II, Fire Resistance Extended, Regeneration Extended, and Splash Instant Health II are the most popular among skilled fighters.

Ender pearls Ender Pearl Type Raw materials Durability N/A Renewable Yes Stackable Yes (16) Internal ID PC: 14 PE: 87 Network ID PC: 65 Entity ID ender_pearl First appearances See History Data value dec: 368 hex: 170 bin: 101110000 Name minecraft
When thrown, it teleports the user to the place it lands. Useful for getting over walls. Do note that using ender pearls can inflict damage on you unless you have feather falling on your boots. You can also damage opponents by hitting them with an enderpearl, though it is not recommended for damage purposes. You can hit someone with a pearl if they are escaping. Be careful though! It`s sometimes easy to miss your target, and sometimes you may get stuck inside of a block, thanks to glitches.
Water bucket
Water slows movement, allowing for a quick escape. It can also be used to avoid taking fall damage if placed below your feet at the right time. It also puts out fires. Do be warned that blocks, including water and lava, can usually not be placed at server spawns.
Lava bucket Lava Transparency Yes Luminance Yes, 15 Blast resistance 500 Tool Renewable No Stackable N/A Flammable No Drops None Data values Flowing Lava dec: 10 hex: A bin: 1010 Still Lava dec: 11 hex: B bin: 1011 Name Flowing Lava flowing_lava Still minecraft
Lava is the ultimate barricade. You can use lava to greatly slow your enemies and damage them a lot if they don`t have potions or great enchantments. Lava, unlike water, cannot be used to avoid fall damage. Do be warned that blocks, including water and lava, can usually not be placed at server spawns.
Snowballs Snowball Type Combat Durability N/A Renewable Yes Stackable Yes (16) Internal ID PC: 11 PE: 81 Network ID PC: 61 Entity ID snowball First appearances See History Data value dec: 332 hex: 14C bin: 101001100 Name snowball Snowballs minecraft or eggs Egg Type Food Durability N/A Renewable Yes Stackable Yes (16) Internal ID PC: 7 PE: 82 Network ID PC: 62 Entity ID egg First appearances See History Data value dec: 344 hex: 158 bin: 101011000 Name egg This minecraft
While it deals no damage to a player (excluding the egg), it has a high rate of fire, allowing you to knock people off cliffs. They only damage other players if there is a plugin for the server that gives the ability of harm for these. Most players will not expect an egg to be used as a weapon, and therefore it can be very effective and surprising. Also, if chickens spawn, they can be used as a temporary shield. Snowballs also damage armor, making it a mass-producible, especially with a snow golem, armor killer, especially with gold armor, with gold`s low durability. Snowballs can deal 2 damage in the pocket edition due to unknown reasons, so it is an even better idea there!
Horses Horse Health points 15 () to 30 ( × 15) Armor points See horse armor Size Adult: Height: 1.6 Blocks Width: 1.3965 Blocks Baby: Height: 0.8 Blocks Width: 0.6982 Blocks Spawn Plains and savanna First minecraft
Horses give you a speed advantage, which can be used for a chase, an escape, or tactically by strafing. You can also use horses to jump up to hard to reach places.
Golden apples Golden @@@#@@@Apple(apple.com)###@### Type Food Restores Golden AppleTechnology company 4 () Absorption (2:00) Regeneration II (0:05) Enchanted Golden AppleTechnology company 4 () Absorption IV (2:00) Regeneration II (0:20) Fire Resistance (5:00) Resistance (5:00) Cookable No Renewable Golden Apple minecraft
These are very useful in PvP. They give you Regeneration II for 0:05 seconds and Absorption for 2:00 when you eat them.
Enchanted golden apples basically make you invincible!
If used by the correct players, redstone can be a lethal weapon or just an opportunity to confuse or trap the enemy slowing them down. Building some traps in a strategic location and them attracting the opponent to that place can be the key to win a fight!
End Crystals End Crystal Type Decorations Durability N/A Renewable Yes Stackable Yes (64) Internal ID PC: 200 PE: 71 Network ID PC: 51 Entity ID ender_crystal Drops None First appearances See History Data value dec: 426 hex: 1AA bin: 110101010 minecraft
If used properly, end crystals can be a lethal weapon to the opponent. End crystal explotions can deal such a high amount of damage that it can kill a person in diamond armor in one explosion. However end crystals are hard to make and it can kill the player if not careful. End crystals are typically used in high level battles.



  • Ability: Additional protection against everything except Void damage. Higher tiers offer greater protection from damage.
  • Used on: All armor pieces.
  • Highest level: IV (4)
  • Notes: This is one of the better armor enchantments. It protects against everything you would usually worry about in the battlefield. It only is a small percent worse than the "specific" enchantments (ex. Fire Protection).

Blast Protection

  • Ability: Additional damage protection against explosions. Higher tiers offer more protection from explosions.
  • Used on: All armor pieces.
  • Highest Level: IV (4)
  • Notes: A full set of Blast Protection IV (4) armor should protect you well from explosions, and is the preferred armor of choice against Weapons of Mass Destruction (see bottom of page).

Fire Protection

  • Ability: Additional damage protection against lava, catching fire, and standing in fire. Higher tiers offer more protection from fire.
  • Used on: All armor pieces.
  • Highest Level: IV (4)
  • Notes: Two Fire Protection IV (4) and two Protection IV (4) gives the highest fire protection possible with the most other protection as well. Having at least one Fire Protection IV (4) is always a good idea.

Projectile Protection

  • Ability: Additional damage protection against fired arrows, as well as Ghast and Blaze fireballs (impact only). Higher tiers offer greater protection from projectiles.
  • Used on: All armor pieces.
  • Highest Level: IV (4)
  • Notes: This should be the armor of choice if you need to get past dispenser traps. Since many dispenser traps involve projectiles, this enchantment will protect greatly against it.

Feather Falling

  • Ability: Additional protection against fall damage. Also protects against Ender pearl damage. Higher tiers offer better protection.
  • Used on: Boots only.
  • Highest Level: IV (4)
  • Notes: Even though falling from a distance that would usually hurt you gets completely nullified by the boots, it will still make the sound of bones cracking, and alerting those nearby to your presence.


  • Ability: Wearer can breathe underwater for longer, when suffocating there is more time between loss of health. Higher tiers let you breathe underwater for even longer, and give more time between taking suffocation damage.
  • Used on: Helmet only.
  • Highest Level: III (3)
  • Notes: This enchantment is rather useful for Recon: you can spend more time hiding underwater in the enemy moat.1.6 added a function that makes it possible to see easier in water.



  • Ability: Fire unlimited arrows, but at least one must be in your inventory.
  • Used on: Bow
  • Highest level: I (1)
  • Notes: Infinity is a good enchantment for spamming arrows, and Archery at all. You don`t need to worry about wasting all your resources on a 64 stack of arrows, only to use them all in less than half an hour, and you don`t need to keep running back to base to get more Arrows. Bow durability, be that as it may, is still an issue.


  • Ability: Lengthens the durability of the armor/weapon. Higher tiers offer longer durability.
  • Used on: All armor and weapons
  • Highest level: III (3)
  • Notes: Although you need to go through more of a hassle to get Unbreaking on your items, it can be worth it. Prolonged engagement in combat means that even your diamond gear will break rather quickly, especially if your armor has Thorns or Protection on it. Try to get Unbreaking on your gear as soon as possible for maximum effectiveness.

Locations of PvP

In PvP, the fighters will have to fight in some setting, whether it be a custom-designed arena, normal terrain, or in a challenge map.

Normal Terrain

This is when two players fight in the naturally generated terrain of Minecraft. In this type of fighting, players simply decide on a designated area or may be unexpectedly attacked (ex: underground, in a cave, on a cliff, in a stronghold).

Challenge PvP

This is PvP that takes place in a unique area or challenge map. Players that are friends may decide to create or use a challenge map that facilitates PvP. The players may choose to divide themselves into multiple groups, enjoy a free-for-all, or any other distribution of players that fight amongst one another.


Players may prefer to build an arena for the sake of organization or aesthetics.


  • SPAWN (Most Common): Many servers have a PvP area at spawn or even around it! Be warned though, because you usually can`t place or break blocks.
  • Survival/Hunger Games: HUGE arena that‘s in a dome and often has multiple biomes incorporated into it. The walls must be obsidian, bedrock or barrier. Supporters and spectators can send in messengers with food, armor etc. The battle goes on till only 2 are left who then need to go to the starting spawn point and fight to the death! Winner gets a good prize, losers don`t.
  • Sky: Build the arena in the sky and use piston traps to make random holes appear. Gravity is now your best friend and worst enemy.
  • Gimmick: create your arena as uniquely as possible — make pistons push from the floor to give some players a height advantage, use stairs to stimulate a slanted room to confuse anyone, or use water to slow everyone down and render sprinting useless. The possibilities are endless.
  • Dome: create a giant sphere out of glass so spectators can spectate
  • `Sea battle` Put a pool of water in a glass bowl and give each player a boat, first to sink loses, or continue until someone dies.
  • `TNT FIELD` Put TNT in random place and activate it. It will now cause a crater. Put multiple TNT to make crater bigger. Now put fences around it and let the battle begin!
  • `Natural Lava Arena` Find a naturally-generated lava. Get lots of golden apples and/or fire resistance potions. Hop in, you will be burnt during the battle. More excitement and difficulty!
  • `Mob Attack`: Fill the arena with hidden monster spawners. Watch as the players get attacked by both monsters and other players!
  • `Sky Blocks` have a 40⃗40 square up with a 50 block drop, have water at the bottom. Make multiple layers of having 1 block of air between the next block, so no blocks are actually touching each other. Make multiple layers with 2 blocks between, so players who fall down the first fall won`t die, but continue. To add to the fun, do it while invisible in the dark, but make sure everyone is wearing a chestplate so it`s still possible to play.
  • `Trap Arena`: Make an arena that is mostly stone with glass peepholes for spectators. It will have traps involving pistons, lava, fire, arrows, and more! Don`t forget to make the glass parts near the traps for maximum fails! Also, have a few traps without glass in case if a combatant develops the idea that glass signals a trap. Add extra glass for this reason. The combatants should be in Adventure Mode.

Combat Itself

This is an overview of various types of PvP. Further sections may take this into greater detail.

Friendly PvP

Friendly PvP is when two or more players agree to PvP for friendly practice and training ONLY. Friendly PvP is great to play on LAN. It is the least hostile option for PvP as it:

A) Avoids grudges.

B) Stops property loss from thieving player drops.

C) Encourages cooperation.

D) Allows players to use any type of weapon without worry (ex: fists, shovels, axes ... )

Organized PvP

In organized PvP, players agree on the circumstances of their fight, and then battle. The victor may be agreed to receive anything, from diamonds to proven superiority to nothing at all.

This type of PvP can be highly competitive and players may need an impartial judge to enforce the rules.

Combat Time!

Time to battle, you can fight them sword Sword Type Combat Durability Wooden: 60 Golden: 33 Stone: 132 Iron: 251 Diamond: 1562 Renewable Yes Stackable No Data values See Data values Name See Data values Swords are melee weapons that are mainly used minecraft to sword, bow Bow Type Combat Durability 385 Renewable Yes Stackable No First appearances See History Data value dec: 261 hex: 105 bin: 100000101 Name bow A bow is a ranged weapon that fires arrows. Contents 1 Obtaining 1.1 Skeletons 1.2 minecraft to bow, bombard them with potions, or run around like a headless chicken and hope they starve first. Whatever you do, make sure you win!

Dodge his attacks with your lightning reactions (or butter fingers) and stab by rapidly clicking your mouse`s left click button. Use your right mouse button to block attacks, sprint at opponents and hit whilst falling for critical hits See damage in Minecraft. For information on health/hearts, see Health. Damage represents injury from attacks or natural causes. Players and mobs in Minecraft each have a supply of health points, which are minecraft ! (Tip: If you are not touching the block under you, and you are in a cobweb, you count as falling, giving you critical hits! Then again, it is also hard to move when doing this, so keep that is mind.) Spamming block and hit at the same time will hit and block at the same time, enabling you to deal damage while taking less, at the cost of reduced mobility. If you practice, practice, and practice, nothing will stop you and a well equipped character!

Walk in circles around the player rapidly hitting them, they`ll never be able to hit you! This is called strafing. Or try a direct approach and spam left click and W to create a combo. It is also an advantage to get them stuck on a wall and strafe around them, they will be blown up into the air and it is harder to hit someone below you rather than at the same height.

If you are in a tight place where strafing does not work, try to spam right and left click. This will reduce the damage you get, but still allow you to damage your opponent.

Unorganized PvP

This is when someone surprise attacks you without warning. Keep your weapons ready for this!

Fight Back!

If you have better equipment than your attacker, you will likely be able to kill them. At this point, there is no better time to give it your all. Utilize anything and everything at your disposal to destroy your opponent - any method that Minecraft provides, you should exploit. (Combat-logging, hacking, and other out-of-game methods are unacceptable.) Always carry extras. You never want to be stuck in battle without a weapon. Therefore, extensive measures must be taken to ensure that equipment can be readily replaced in a fight, such as enchantments, extras, and consistent resupplying.

Tip: Hitting an opponent, or any player in general, directly on the head with three splash potions of Instant Harming II will, without exception, kill them. Be that as it may, due to the range of the potion, you may end up killing yourself!


Run if there is almost no chance of victory, using ender pearls and hopefully a Speed Potion. While running does carry an inherent danger to it, it is probably your only hope at that point.

If you are in your base, consider whether running will be a good strategy,as then they will most likely raid and pillage your base, and come back repeatedly to continue their pillaging. (Unless Factions is on your server)

Fleeing is also known as `kiting` (or to `kite`). This term is most often used in Hardcore Factions (HCF). If you decide that fighting while outnumbered isn`t an option, you can kite to a safe location to avoid being killed.

Get mixed in Pig`s Food⃢₀⅚

Get eaten by the pigs.

This may sound confusing, but say that you are attacked. If someone intervenes in your fight, and attacks the enemy, then you and the new fighter can kill the enemy. When that is finished, then you will fight the new opponent and possibly lose. That is why it is called Pig`s Food, because instead of possibly losing to your hated foe, you chose to possibly get eaten AKA defeated by the person intervening, who is the pig. Be that as it may, if the "Pig" does not attack you, you now owe a debt to that person, which is also a way to get "eaten"-through the need to repay them. Also you may have a chance to "clean up" the player that won the fight between the 2 when he/she is low on health.

Don`t Give Up

Now this may sound like a weak statement, but hear this. Suppose someone attacks you, and there is no escape possible for you. You hate the guy who is killing you and the fact that you aren`t combat savvy enough to fight back. If there is honestly no escape, try to hit your would be assailant. Hey, at least you hurt him, right? Be that as it may, keep in mind that if he hits you with a sprint attack and a melee combo, which is characterized by an extremely quick draining away of health and rapid FOV shaking, you will be unable to deal any damage at all. To stop this, make a point-blank bow shot to give yourself a chance to deal some damage. Thankfully for you, this combo effect is not achievable post-1.9.

Also, never underestimate the power of snowballs.

Even though they deal no damage at all, snowballs are powerful weapons in PvP. If you happen to be low on health and another player with a good sword is coming after you, pelt him with snowballs to keep him away. You might be able to knock him off a cliff or into lava. Maybe you could even break his armor for an easy kill. This does not work in 1.8+.

What`s next?

  • Tournaments: Get a few players together: about 10+ is good, then put them two at a time against each other. If you win, you fight another winner; if you win again, you fight another winner again and again until you lose or there is only one winner left. You never fight a loser; if they lose they are out, except perhaps for a battle for third place.
  • Free-For-Alls/Last Man Standing: 3+ players fight against whoever they want in the arena at the same time. Maybe there is someone who is annoying or swears too much ⃢₀ₔ who wouldn`t want to try killing them⃢₀⅚?
  • Team: 10+ players on equal teams. The team with the most players left alive at the end wins.
  • Un-official Duels: You have a person who you really hate, but you have more TNT than him? Call him on and if he says yes, start the battle. Uh oh, there is going to be a lot of fouls (like lava pouring, TNT and flint and steel burnings) but, this is why it is called Un-official duels, as they don`t yet count.
  • Survival: Make about 10+ players and make monster spawners in the arena. Give all the players wooden swords. There should be no creepers. Last person standing wins. Players can attack their rivals to kill them or team up and share the victory.

Attack Related

  • Trigger Happiness.

Practice. Whether or not it`s in Multiplayer; practice shooting moving targets. This can train how well you hit, strafe and can sharpen your reflexes.

  • Round and Round

When engaging in a fight, the regular reflex? Charge the enemy, spam that mouse. Now, this is pretty average, but there is a smarter way to do this. Go in a circle; w a s d w a s d. Simple, but effective as a tactic. This should reduce the damage you take by quite an amount, while still being able to deal sufficient damage to your opponent.

  • Snowballs Snowball Type Combat Durability N/A Renewable Yes Stackable Yes (16) Internal ID PC: 11 PE: 81 Network ID PC: 61 Entity ID snowball First appearances See History Data value dec: 332 hex: 14C bin: 101001100 Name snowball Snowballs minecraft

Equipment saves lives, mostly your own. Keep some snowballs with you to knock enemies back. It MIGHT give the impression they are being attacked. It also knocks them back and gives you more space from him. Most of them will try to use their oh-so-powerful sword and charge you, back off (skirmish). Take note that snowballs will also damage armor, so if you see someone in full Gold Armor for its Enchantibility, don`t be afraid to pelt them with Snowballs.

Tip: Snowballs are cheap, easy-to-mass-produce armor killers! Do not pass up this attack! Keep snow golems in your base for this! Unfortunately⃢₀⅚ it takes a little less than 4 chests of them to destroy diamond armor. The value of this on gold armor, be that as it may, is amazing.

  • Strafing Tactics

PvP isn`t exactly always standing still in one spot while hitting someone with a sword, and never really should be. Circle strafing around your foes can really save your bacon, especially if they have diamond weapons. Because the player attacking you needs to aim ahead with the bow Bow Type Combat Durability 385 Renewable Yes Stackable No First appearances See History Data value dec: 261 hex: 105 bin: 100000101 Name bow A bow is a ranged weapon that fires arrows. Contents 1 Obtaining 1.1 Skeletons 1.2 minecraft , since there is a delay before the arrow Arrow Type Combat Durability N/A Renewable Yes Stackable Yes (64) Internal ID Normal / Tipped: PC: 10, PE: 80 Spectral: PC: 24 Network ID Normal / Tipped: PC: 60 Spectral: PC: 91 Entity ID Normal minecraft strikes, it can disorient them and you can avoid hits much easier. To make it even harder for your opponent to hit you, use potions of speed. Be that as it may, this should be avoided as much as possible when near obstacles like walls, or hazards like lava Lava Transparency Yes Luminance Yes, 15 Blast resistance 500 Tool Renewable No Stackable N/A Flammable No Drops None Data values Flowing Lava dec: 10 hex: A bin: 1010 Still Lava dec: 11 hex: B bin: 1011 Name Flowing Lava flowing_lava Still minecraft or cactus Cactus Transparency Yes Luminance No Blast resistance 2 Tool Any tool Renewable Yes Stackable Yes (64) Flammable No Experience Smelted: 0.2 Drops Itself Data value dec: 81 hex: 51 bin: 1010001 Name cactus “ What do you reckon minecraft . Most people don`t strafe, that`s your advantage.

  • Deploy a Decoy.

If you are with a group or faction of people and have a reputation on the server, use this to your advantage. Create a fake base near the spawn (Be sure to make it look convincing, like a low sky base or an obsidian above-ground base). Do not store anything in this base and make a trap inside the base, like a Piston Pitfall trap or Button-activated trap. People will come for this base assuming it is your real base (It may not always work. This works mainly on faction servers, but if you are good enough at designing these you can make it compatible with a non-Faction PvP server). Once they fall in the trap and die, you are able to take their items. This is a great source of money, items, and PvP supplies.

  • Punish as the Juggernaut.

Most PvP servers are unruly and free-for-all situations. Now what`s the best thing you can get? Victory and Survival! What`s the best tool? Juggernaut-like armor (and some brains mixed in)! First, you`ll need to find iron or diamonds. Watch out for people, because they`ll most likely be on the same track. Second, brew potions such as strength, health, regen, and invisibility. Third, enchant everything. Enchant the armor for maximum Protection. Enchant the sword to maximum Sharpness with Fire Aspect, Knockback, etc. Remember, Sharpness is the only generic damage booster. Smite and Bane of Arthropods V may seem impressive, but in a PvP situation they are useless. A useful PvP only fighter is the Juggernaut Supreme build with a powerful bow and a few arrows.

If you have 15 players on your team you can use roman techniques like the one below. note - represents one player. use this when attacking a base. The reasoning for this technique is that the enemy will believe that the middle is a weakness therefore do an attack towards the middle giving. When they do you can surround them.

  • Click faster!

Many competitive PvPers can click fast, to increase the amount of times they hit a player. Some ways of clicking fast include: Jitter Clicking, Butterfly Clicking, and Drag Clicking. Click speed is measured in, Clicks Per Second (CPS). Most PvPers Jitter Click about 8-16 CPS. Depending on the server`s hit delay (20 ticks by default) you will be able to hit an opponent more times within a second. Note: Butterfly and Drag clicking may not be allowed on some servers.

  • Block hit.

Block hitting is when a player hits their attack button and block place button at the same time.NWhen a player blot hits it allows them to take less damage than if they weren`t block hitting. This can also reduce knockback depending on the server, and increase knockback for an opponent.ote: Block hitting will not work in Minecraft 1.8 and above.

  • W-Tap

W-Tapping is when instead of just running strait at an opponent, they pause/stop running for a short amount of time (less than a second), and then continuing the run. This gives more range to the attacker and make it harder for an opponent to hit the attacker. This is very well known for reducing knockback and increasing reach.

Defense Related

  • Make a trap!

Redstone is a vital skill to learn. The ability to make unseen and creative traps allows for the killing of enemies whose diamond-plated armor might be otherwise unstoppable. For instance, the first thing enemies would normally do is take out the water around the base and replace it with lava. If that happens, and you have a bud to confirm that water is still there, TNT is supposed to be set off under a pile of sand, with water to block out the damage to the environment (be careful using it without water, you`ll probably get more damage done than you bargained for) and torches to break the sand. Maybe even not add torches to suffocate the enemies, but the explosion will be reduced. Another use is emergency switches. Set your faction`s spawn point in a 2ℂₗ2 hallway. Put an emergency button to pull in the blocks under you with sticky pistons and the enemy will fall into lava. Note that this is guaranteed to waste the enemy`s armor, not to kill him. Use a button, not a lever! Stay around to ensure that the enemy cannot teleport to his faction home.

  • Extremely thick walls. For the paranoid. Make walls 20-40 layers deep if you want. This is not a death trap. This is meant to give you enough time to escape. Though, most players will be weakened/don`t want to take the trouble after 3-6 blocks, determined people will go somewhere around 10-15, and only madmen will mine through all 20-40 blocks.
  • A really neat hybrid defensive and offensive tactic is to coat your inner walls with cascading of lava. The lava not only protects your base from TNT cannons, but also turns anyone who attempts to break in into an instant Korean BBQ.
  • Secret switches. Not always will enemies come via broken brick walls. They might just come through the front door. Hide your entrances and fool enemies with fake entrances. Make sure all your team knows of them.
  • Spleef o` Death. Dudes in diamond might come and kill you and raid your chests. You are in iron, huh? Shovels are your weapon here. Put snow blocks as the one layer floor block, dig all the way to bedrock, lay TNT everywhere (just make sure it is out of reach from your base), and depending on how strong they are or how much you hate your enemy, put a manual switch or lay tripwire to automatically blow them up. Note that you might not get their loot.
  • Gas Chamber. Cram dispensers in the walls of a tight hallway, load them with damage potions, lead a rapid clicker to them, place a switch to restrain it, and then put sticky pistons in the walls to trap people in separate rooms. Nothing, not even Heavy weapon dudes with so much as Protection X (not that that enchantment is available without editing the NBT file) can survive.
  • Keep your distance

You can melee other players, but you`ll need a fast clicking pace and some conditions to fight. Keep your distance! An enchanted bow is the best against an armored player. Regular bows work as well. The only case where you have no choice but to melee is when you`re out of ammunition or if marksmanship isn`t your thing. Even at point blank range, a bow could be a better choice, fully charged it sends a critical hit the power of a diamond sword!

  • Your money won`t save you

Whilst in the middle of a multi-player PVP standing around and checking out the loot from the guy you just killed is just being a burden on your group, having to protect you and in most cases they won`t protect you, most likely getting you killed and losing the loot you just got and your original possessions. Although a bit of scenario analysis is also needed (i.e. take this advice with a pinch of salt). Just grab whatever loot there is and continue the fight.

  • Tunnel Escape Route Tactics

Although an escape tunnel is a great idea, your enemies might follow you through. To combat this, you should have a lot of dirt at hand. Simply block up the top part of the tunnel. Don`t block the bottom, as placing blocks on the bottom lets your enemy shoot arrows. (NOTE: The tunnel must be 1ℂₗ2 to make it easier.) It usually takes longer to dig through the dirt than placing it. Plus, this can easily frustrate your enemies heavily. An alternative is to have dirt ceilings in the tunnel with sand or gravel on top, so if someone comes, you can break the dirt to drop the gravel or sand, which can be much easier. Using torches to support multiple columns with one block is suggested, as it can take 1 block broken to cause a huge blockade. Alternatively, make a 1-block deep ditch in the ground. When your enemies come, fill the pit with soul sand or water, slowing them. Again, this will create an ENORMOUS amount of rage in your opponents, as they usually will have to get through a long period of block removal before they mobilize. But, this can make your enemies more enraged and chase you harder.

  • Block

If someone is pummeling you with arrows and you cannot dodge them, block them by right click holding your sword. This will reduce incoming damage by half. Block in between shots while trying to get closer to them.

  • Keep armor and a sword on you at all times

You might have iron armor and a pickaxe mining in a well known mine, but you`re not very hard to defeat against someone without armor but a stone sword, which is the first weapon people settle for. Keep a sword on you at all times and hopefully you can retaliate, plus, keep armor, even if it is basic leather or even the fragile gold armor, so if someone does attack you, you can still live to turn around and kill your attempted killer.

  • Safety first

When you are using lava Lava Transparency Yes Luminance Yes, 15 Blast resistance 500 Tool Renewable No Stackable N/A Flammable No Drops None Data values Flowing Lava dec: 10 hex: A bin: 1010 Still Lava dec: 11 hex: B bin: 1011 Name Flowing Lava flowing_lava Still minecraft or TNT TNT Transparency Partial (cannot attach other blocks) Luminance No Blast resistance 0 Tool Any tool Renewable No Stackable Yes (64) Flammable Yes Drops Itself Data value dec: 46 hex: 2E bin: 101110 Name tnt TNT is a block minecraft , bring some obsidian Obsidian Transparency No Luminance No Blast resistance 6,000 Tool Renewable Yes Stackable Yes (64) Flammable No Drops Itself Data value dec: 49 hex: 31 bin: 110001 Name obsidian “ Strong almost beyond compare and able to stand huge minecraft and/or a water bucket Water Transparency Partial (-2 to light) Luminance No Blast resistance 500 (Flowing) 500 (Still) Tool Renewable Yes Stackable N/A Flammable No Drops None Data values Flowing Water dec: 08 hex: 8 bin: 1000 Still Water dec: 09 hex: 9 bin: 1001 minecraft . This will protect you from explosions and burning.

  • Be Vigilant

On a PvP server, you never know where people are. Even if you are far away from spawn someone may be spying on you, stalking you, waiting to attack or worse. Never think you are alone, always assume someone is near you and will attack you. Keep your fingers ready to whip out your sword.

Don`t Trust Anyone

Prime rule. Do not trust anyone. If there is an online map, use it to track locations of people. Stay away from other guys. If they offer to let you in their faction just if you do something very simple for them, there may be something underhanded about the deal. They might kick you out or even kill you immediately if they give no notice they want you (on servers with the Factions plugin for Bukkit). Be ready for that just as ready as when attacking. Assume that everyone will stab you in the back. Also on some servers there are teleport commands. On a PvP server, if you get a random teleport request from someone you don`t know, never accept it! They only randomly teleport to look for a victim to raid and kill. Also, don`t accept it if you think you have better stuff, you may not know what they have in their arsenal and also on some servers there is a /back command. Even if you kill them, they can teleport back and camp there. If someone wants to fight in a 1-versus-1 face-off, be careful if you accept. They may bring someone along to "watch." Take this advice with care, since putting too much trust in even your best combatant might get you in an irreparable situation.




    PvP mechanics are rather simple: one player attacks another player until the target has their health depleted, defeats the attacker, or manages to escape. PvP is generally only fought with weapon-class items, such as the bow and sword. However, a multitude of items compensate as PvP accessories, as well as back-up weapons (Axes are generally the most popular non-weapon tool for PvP). PvP is essentially an extension onto PvW mechanics, and is similar to fighting mobs, excluding strategy and knowledge. Players simply use their wits to defeat each other. Similar to dying normally, when a player is killed by another player, any items in their inventory are dropped unless the keepInventory rule is on.

    It is to be considered that the mechanics of PvP can be adjusted with Plugins (such as MCMMO and Factions). Plugins can add mechanics, such as special abilities and boosting stats. They are also capable of changing mechanics in slight or extreme ways, such as damage dealt with specific items. /scoreboard teams options also works to modify PvP.

    Tools and Accessories

    As stated before-hand, PvP is generally fought with Swords and Bows (at least one Arrow is a requirement in order to use the bow), with their respective items, power-ups, uses, etc. Armor is not completely necessary, but can give any player a better chance at defeating opponents.

    Armor and Weapons

    Swords are the main weapon of choice for combat. However, any axe can still do substantial damage. Swords are preferred, as they require far less materials to make and frequently do more damage per upgrade. Axes, on the other hand, deal slightly less damage than their respective sword counterpart, but have more durability than the sword to whom its damage is equal to. Armor is very essential to PvP, as it can block and/or reduce damage done. Armor, in a way, increases a player`s health, giving them the ability to last longer in a fight. Similar to swords, the greater a material that is used to create the armor, the more durability is added and damage reduced. Bows are not necessary for PvP combat, but can be extremely helpful in many situations. Bows can be used to assault opponents from afar, as well as attack opponents attempting to escape from you.

    General Accessories

    There are many in-game accessories that are very useful in combat. Ender Pearls are one of the more basic utensils. Ender pearls can allow any player that uses them to teleport a decent distance. This can be used to escape a fight, avoid or catch up to other players, or reach a better vantage point for using the bow.

    Golden Apples- of both varieties- are very useful. A tier-one golden apple is great for healing small amounts of health as well as giving the player a temporary health boost. The second-tier golden apples (Super Golden Apples, Notch Apples, GG-Apples, etc.) are the most useful. Second-tier golden apples heal all health through regeneration, healing all damage almost instantly. These apples give the player a moment of near invincibility, as well as Resistance, Fire Resistance, Absorption, and a small replenish of Hunger.

    Flint and Steel is a popular choice among "PvPers", granting the player the ability to set an opponent on fire without the use of enchantments. Fire can be used as a good substitute for poison, damaging the player as well as their armor. However, fire can become difficult to avoid if used incorrectly, and can cause damage to the user. When used correctly, flint and steel can easily level the playing field against over-powered foes.

    Water and Lava buckets can be used in a wider area of circumstances and affect a larger range than fire. Lava does more damage, but is easily avoidable. Water can be used to stall opponents, as well as reduce or remove fall damage.

    Shields can be used to block hits, giving up a percentage of movement speed to do so. The shield blocks any attack 180 degrees in front of it, with the only exception being TNT. It can also be used to reflect arrows back at the one who fired them, making it useful in both defense and offense.


    Potions play a large support role in any combat situation. However, potions are more difficult to obtain, and may not be available on certain PvP servers. Potions can easily replenish health and restore it faster, with a drawback of having to consume the potion, as well as being incapable of stacking. Potions with negative effects, such as poison, can cut a player`s health down quickly depending on the type, as well as bring status effects onto a player. Splash potions are best when used on groups of players, or when the user can easily avoid them. Unlike fire, however, splash potions have a larger range of effect, but work differently depending on the area hit. Potions can deal damage to players, keep them from regenerating, or weaken their attacks.


    Depending on the type of player and their preferences, each player`s style of combat is different. Many players tend to use straightforward combat, going straight towards the offensive. Also, depending on the stats and possessions of any player, combat can be altered, and a player`s tactics to combat this may have to be different.

    Offensive Strategies

    The majority of combatants use straightforward fighting techniques. Attack the player violently and relentlessly until they are defeated. However, several offensive strategies can be used to increase the odds of winning.

    Hiding and Sneaking

    Using a more sneaky approach can grant a player the element of surprise. This mainly revolves around finding one central target and following them until the precise moment the player deems fit to fight. This can be very helpful in free-for-all situations, and can give any weaker player the upper hand. If a player is capable of hiding until the target takes a sufficient quantity of damage, they can easily take out a much stronger opponent.

    Escape Combat

    In many instances, users may find themselves up against equally matched players. A simple strategy is to attack the target until he or she is dead, or the player is running low on health/hunger. This strategy prolongs fighting, but can easily turn the odds. Escape combat can not only be employed in an offensive manner, but as a defensive resort as well.

    Ranged Combat

    Bows can easily determine the winner of any battle. Whichever player controls the distance will have the upper-hand in most situations. Bows can easily do equivalent damage as a sword without the risks of taking unnecessary damage. Because of the bow`s flexible enchanting list, bows can be altered to provide many effects that a sword can, but from a distance.


    If a player knows an area particularly well, they can be capable of leading other players into environmental hazards, such as lava or pre-set hazards. Many hazards typically lead to instantaneous death, and can be used to your advantage. Trapping is commonly paired with fleeing techniques to force the opposing player to follow them into their trap. Terrain such as water can assist ranged fighters by creating a distance between them and their targets, as well as forcing another player to climb uphill to reach you.

    Defensive Strategies

    Defensive strategies vary from offensive strategies as players using defense are typically the underdog in a given situation. Defensive strategies also apply in chases between players and situations where the player has low health. Many defensive situations call upon the assistance and use of a bow.


    A player can use the trapping situation defensively by hiding out near a hazardous area and forcing the chaser to come to them. Using hazard methods calls for a player to have planned for situations like such. Placing hazards is the key to this strategy, as hazards can delay a player, create a distance, or deal substantial damage. Fire is one of the more typical hazards. If an opponent is charging at a player, fire can be set behind the player if they are capable of turning around quickly. This fire can be difficult to avoid if the player cannot move out of the way. This can cause a stronger foe`s health to plummet quickly. Lava can be employed in a similar manner. Water can be placed down to create distance for a player to escape quicker or turn the tables and switch strategies. Water can be helpful when using a bow as water slows down players. The natural knockback from a bow can prevent players from getting out.

    Bow Combat

    Bows are very resilient and can be used in a quick manner (but not at spamming speed) to deal damage to a player in a defensive manner. Bows can be used if an opponent has a disadvantage in terrain, such as being downhill or in water. Players can also escape up ladders and other hard-to-reach areas while using the bow to delay and damage opponents.


    Diversions is an indirect strategy. The basic concept of this is to get a player that is following you to switch their target or train of thought to another situation. If a player is fast enough, it is possible to run to opponents into each other and have them struggle against the other. Mobs can also be used in a similar method, forcing a player to distract themselves with mob-combat to where the player can make a hasty escape.

    Quick Escapes

    Quick escape strategies usually rely on using Ender Pearls to create a distance between two players. If a player is able to get to a desirable area, they can use Ender Pearls to ascend to a higher area and surprise the foe with arrows.

    Teams Combat

    Team combat can be unfair on almost all occasions unless the server distinctly separates players into teams to fight against each other.

    One Versus

    If any given player is pitted against a group of players, they can easily be ganged up on and taken out with relative ease. Against two players, offensive techniques can still be used, but may be rendered ineffective. A simple tactic would be to lure players into a more desirable area, or trap to delay them or kill the other, leaving a single enemy to face off against.

    Fighting against groups of three or more can be nearly impossible, as just about every offensive strategy becomes obsolete. The best chances of survival lies in the player actually escaping from the enemies` sights. If combat is necessary, the bow will be a good ally. Despite bows being used in distance situations, they should be used sparingly, as three or more foes can easily get their target confused. Again, using the terrain and traps is the suggested method.

    If a player has any given distance between team members, they can use a wide range of strategies to fight one to two combatants at once. If the players are still in groups, set up your own hazards that can affect multiple party members.

    Group Versus

    A group of players can easily overcome a single player due to the sheer numbers and pure chaos. Rushing is the preferred method as this can lead to allies attacking the single opponent at once, dealing massive damage. Players can also split into teams to ambush a player, or can split up and ambush them still. It is recommended to stay on your toes and pay attention to your target`s actions. If the target is headed into water, avoid following unless equipped with ranged weapons, as the target may be trying to slow your team down and pick them off as they chase them.

    Team Versus Team

    Team vs. Team is a very common thing for PvP minigames, such as Team Fortress parody maps and `Minecraft Capture the Flag` minigames. Team strategies are a mix of all types of combat, both groups and single-party members, as well as offensive and defensive. In these situations, it`s best to stay alert of your surroundings to avoid confrontations. The battlefield can quickly become chaotic if groups of five or more are assaulting each other, so it is best to pick out a single target in one vs. one strategies in order to cut down the size of a team faster.

    Note: Using a group to take out a single player is incredibly unfair and can ruin another player`s experience. Try and avoid using teams unless the game permits it.