World-generated Blocks

    Entries marked with a D require additional data values to entirely

    A Pig on Coal Ore.

    define the block in a Minecraft world. Entries marked with an I have a different ID as an inventory item. Entries marked with a B require additional inventory data to fully define the inventory item. Entries marked with a T have tile entities associated with them to store additional data. Items with IDs in red cannot be legitimately obtained by the player in the game. They can only be obtained by "hacking" (Such as using an inventory editor) or while in multiplayer servers, or by using the /give command. Items available only in Creative mode are in blue. Items only obtainable through the Silk Touch enchantment in Survival Mode are in green.

    The Overworld:

    Mycelium is a slightly rare block considering that it can only be found in one biome.

    Under this paragraph is a list of blocks that currently naturally occur in the Overworld.

    Naturally Generated

    Naturally Generated Blocks include Blocks that are created through a `seed` either player generated or generated by a random seed generator.

    Icon Dec Hex Block type
    00 00 Air
    01 01 Stone
    02 02 Grass Block
    03 03 Dirt
    07 07 Bedrock
    08 08 Water D
    10 0A Lava D
    12 0C Sand
    13 0D Gravel
    14 0E Gold Ore
    15 0F Iron Ore