Alpha 1.2.6



  • Added /kill command for SMP, which deals 1000 ( ℂₗ 500) damage to the player.
  • Added small lakes and rare lava pools, both on the surface and randomly in caves.



  • In SMP, Players connecting to a server or respawning are invulnerable for three seconds.


6 bugs fixed

  • Items no longer get used when opening chests (e.g. food being eaten, lava being poured out, etc.)
  • Breaking a boat in a certain fashion no longer causes it to drop 4 times the normal amount.
  • Patched client to prevent duplicated entities.
  • The join server page now remembers the port as well as the IP.
  • Fixed a bug where joining a server on a specific port caused the client to forget all keybindings.
  • Fixed a crash bug when destroying the vehicle from under a player.