Alpha 1.0.4


Alpha 1.0.4, also known as Seecret Friday 4, was the fourth seecret update Notch sneaking, a function added in the final Seecret Update. “ I think ill do a seecret update today! OooooOOOoo! „ —Notch 1] The Seecret Updates were a series of ten updates released by Notch minecraft which added winter mode This page contains content that is no longer in the game. These featuresSpecial attraction only exist in outdated versions of Minecraft. See features removed from computer edition. For features removed from Pocket Edition, minecraft , featuring snowfall A view of hills during a snowstorm. Snowfall is a type of weather that occurs occasionally in Minecraft. Contents 1 Behavior 2 Effects 2.1 Snow particles 3 Video 4 History 5 Issues 6 Trivia 7 minecraft , snow Snow (layer) Transparency Yes Luminance No Blast resistance 0.5 Tool Renewable Yes Stackable Yes (64) Flammable No Drops Snowball (2–9) (one per level, plus one) Data value dec: 78 hex: 4E bin: 1001110 Name snow_layer Snow, or top minecraft and ice.





4 bugs fixed

  • The bug in the mob spawn code is fixed
  • Breaking a minecart while in it will no longer freeze the game
  • If you ride a minecart and go in a two block high space, you don`t suffocate any more
  • The character "4" now renders