Alpha 1.0.17


Alpha 1.0.17, also known as Seecret Friday 8, was the eighth seecret update Notch sneaking, a function added in the final Seecret Update. “ I think ill do a seecret update today! OooooOOOoo! „ —Notch 1] The Seecret Updates were a series of ten updates released by Notch minecraft which added fences and spider jockeys Spider Jockey Health points Skeleton: 20 () Spider: 16 () Cave Spider: 12 () Attack strength Skeleton: Easy: 4 () Normal: 4 () Hard: 5 () Wither Skeleton: Easy: 4 () Normal: 7 () Hard: minecraft .




  • Working day/night cycle in multiplayer
  • Milk buckets can be emptied
  • Third person view is centered again
  • Right clicking on usable blocks makes your arm swing to match the third person animation for right clicking.
  • Chickens no longer take fall damage and now slowly glide down using their wings.


2 bugs fixed

  • Fixed problems with doors on servers
  • Fixed torches attaching to the wrong walls on servers