Advancements Java Edition Only “ The system as a whole is called "advancements", which is aimed at guiding & tracking players progress through the game (in vanilla survival and any custom additions by mapmakers or mods). minecraft
Narrator See the multiplayer experience in Minecraft. For the multiplayer software, see Server. PvP (Player versus Player) on a multiplayer server. Multiplayer is the server-based version of Minecraft that enables multiple players to minecraft
  • Made the narrator work on nearly all systems (Linux requires Flite for it to work).


12 issues fixed
From the 1.12 development versions
  • MC-114930 – Narrator not working
  • MC-115838 – Dark dot on white bed in recipe selection
  • MC-116746 – @s selector ignores dx/dy/dz
  • MC-116772 – Illusion Illagers are required for advancement "Kill All Mobs" even though they don`t spawn
  • MC-116810 – Models on Recipe Book tabs render badly
  • MC-116821 – doLimitedCrafting gamerule not working
  • MC-116940 – Client/server disagreement when using a knowledge book with invalid recipes
From the previous development version
  • MC-116950 – Cannot place buttons, levers, torches... on barrier blocks
  • MC-116953 – A single horse is considered tamed multiple times in a row
  • MC-116974 – Can place block-dependent blocks on glassy blocks or leaves
  • MC-116976 – Shulker box duplication when placed below lever
  • MC-116985 – Buttons and levers can`t be placed on the sides of corner stairs