17w17a is the eighth snapshot released for 1.12 1.12 Official name World of Color Update 1] Release date Jun. 7, 2017 Development versions View all Snapshot 17w06a 17w13a 17w13b 17w14a 17w15a 17w16a 17w16b 17w17a 17w17b 17w18a 17w18b Pre-release 1.12-pre1 1.12-pre2 1.12-pre3 1.12-pre4 1.12-pre5 minecraft .



Advancements Java Edition Only “ The system as a whole is called "advancements", which is aimed at guiding & tracking players progress through the game (in vanilla survival and any custom additions by mapmakers or mods). minecraft
  • Moved some existing advancements around
  • Advancements can now execute commands when achieved
    • The command written in the rewards section of the advancement will be executed as the player (for example writing /say @s would be equivalent to /execute ~ ~ ~ say @s)
  • Advancement icons now allow data values
    • Specifically, icon has switched from being a string to an object
      • Within it are a required item string (specifying the item ID) and an optional data integer, specifying the metadata of the item
  • The "damage flags object" now contains two new entity objects:
    • source_entity - specifies the "owner" of the damage that was dealt
    • direct_entity - specifies the direct cause of the damage
Crafting Crafting is the method by which many blocks, tools, and materials are made in Minecraft. In order to craft something, players must move items from their inventory to a crafting grid. A 2×2 crafting grid minecraft


Terracotta Terracotta Transparency No Luminance No Blast resistance 21 Tool Renewable No Stackable Yes (64) Flammable No Experience Smelted: 0.1 Drops Itself Data values Terracotta dec: 172 hex: AC bin: 10101100 Stained Terracotta dec: 159 hex: 9F bin: 10011111 Name Terracotta hardened_clay minecraft
Bed Bed Type Block Entity Physics No Transparency Yes Luminance No Blast resistance 1 Hardness 0.2 Tool Any tool Renewable Yes Stackable No Flammable PC: No, but catches fire from lava PE: No First appearances See minecraft


Illusioner Illusioner Health points 32 ( × 16) Attack strength Easy: 1 () - 4 () Normal: 1 () - 4 () Hard: 1 () - 5 () Size Height: 1.95 Blocks Width: 0.6 Blocks Spawn minecraft


  • /advancement:
    • Added five modifiers to the /advancement grant and /advancement revoke commands:
      • "everything" - all advancements, no specification required (same as "*")
      • "from" - this advancement, its children, and their children, etc.
      • "until" - this advancement, its parent, and its parent, etc.
      • "through" - both of the above
      • "only" - this advancement, and nothing else
    • Examples:
      • /advancement grant dinnerbone until story/elytra
      • /advancement revoke dinnerbone everything


20 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.12
  • MC-116623 – Stained hardened clay / terracotta blocks do not have correct color on map
From the 1.12 development versions
  • MC-114979 – advancement command doesn`t allow bulk grant/revoking
  • MC-115056 – "Remote Getaway" advancement cannot be obtained by using ender pearls
  • MC-115170 – Advancements Test Command Success Uses the Wrong Translation
  • MC-115173 – Unsuccessful advancement test command has player and advancement name interchanged
  • MC-115442 – Advancement alerts aren`t aligned to the top-right corner
  • MC-115574 – "Sniper Duel" advancement triggered when killing non-skeleton mob at distance
  • MC-115740 – Inconsistent error message for /advancement grant @p *
  • MC-115805 – Fences/panes/walls/bars/torches connect to a number of non-solid blocks
  • MC-115821 – Tooltips with long titles in the advancements menu are cut off
  • MC-115880 – `Take Aim` advancement granted by projectiles other than arrows
  • MC-115936 – Narrator does not properly read output from /say, /tell and /tellraw command
  • MC-115940 – Division by zero crash with alternating /recipe commands
  • MC-116016 – Advancement "adventure/trade" uses criteria named "shot_arrow"
  • MC-116245 – "Zombie Doctor" advancement description has a period, while others don`t
From the previous development version
  • MC-116471 – Conditional command blocks SuccessCount doesn`t update
  • MC-116514 – "durability" option for item-based triggers succeeds for items without durability
  • MC-116516 – "item_durability_changed" triggers when base change is 0, but not when Unbreaking reduces the change to 0
  • MC-116536 – Recipe red/white outline is inconsistent while searching
  • MC-116650 – Wooden fences connect to nether brick fence