17w16b is the seventh snapshot released for 1.12 1.12 Official name World of Color Update 1] Release date Jun. 7, 2017 Development versions View all Snapshot 17w06a 17w13a 17w13b 17w14a 17w15a 17w16a 17w16b 17w17a 17w17b 17w18a 17w18b Pre-release 1.12-pre1 1.12-pre2 1.12-pre3 1.12-pre4 1.12-pre5 minecraft .



Advancements Java Edition Only “ The system as a whole is called "advancements", which is aimed at guiding & tracking players progress through the game (in vanilla survival and any custom additions by mapmakers or mods). minecraft
  • New trigger: minecraft:item_durability_changed
    • Triggers when an item in the player`s inventory is damaged in some manner, such as hurting a mob with a sword.
    • Three conditions that can be used for this trigger:
      • item: Checks information about the item before durability loss.
      • durability: Checks the durability of the item after durability loss.
      • delta: Checks how much durability was lost.


  • maxCommandChainLength
    • The default is 65536.
    • Determines the number at which the chain command block acts as a "chain".


9 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.12
  • MC-111753 – Hopper/Dropper will not input water bottles into brewing stand after potions have been removed by a hopper from brewing stand
From the 1.12 development versions
  • MC-115883 – Parrots disappear when climbing ladders/vines
  • MC-116271 – Parrots turn red
From the previous development version
  • MC-116357 – Some items appear multiple times in the recipe book
  • MC-116365 – The "conditional" setting no longer works for command blocks
  • MC-116372 – Chain command blocks set to "needs redstone" still executes without signal
  • MC-116388 – Chain command blocks can clone themselves to create an infinite loop which freezes the server
  • MC-116398 – Crash when changing dimension/relogging with a full inventory
  • MC-116432 – Server crashed when leaving items on crafting table with full inventory