NBT tags
  • Ender crystal
    • ShowBottom (boolean) Whether to show the crystal "base", within the block the crystal is on top of.
Loot tables Loot tables are technical JSON tables that represent what items should be in naturally generated containers, what items should drop when killing a mob, or what items can be fished. Contents 1 Usage 2 Tags
Golden @@@#@@@Apple(apple.com)###@### Golden AppleTechnology company Type Food Restores Golden AppleTechnology company 4 () Absorption (2:00) Regeneration II (0:05) Enchanted Golden Apple 4 () Absorption IV (2:00) Regeneration II (0:20) Fire Resistance (5:00) Resistance (5:00) Cookable No Renewable Golden Apple minecraft
Cauldrons Cauldron Type Solid Block Requirements ? Physics No Transparency Yes Luminance No Blast resistance 10 Hardness 2 Tool Renewable Yes Stackable Yes (64) Flammable No First appearances See History Drops Cauldron (1) Block entity id minecraft
Large oak trees Tree Biome Anywhere in the Overworld where light and dirt are present. Consists of Wood Leaves Vines (large jungle, dying and some fallen trees) Mushroom (some fallen trees) Cocoa (some jungle trees) Can generate post-generation minecraft
  • Now spawn in forest biomes again.
Hunger See the gameplay mechanic. For the status effect, see Status effect#Hunger. The Food Bar is seen on the right, opposite the Health Bar. Hunger is an aspect of Minecraft that governs several minecraft
  • The new saturation -> food mechanic only applies when the player is not hungry.
Ender Dragon Ender Dragon Health points 200 ( × 100) Attack strength Peaceful: 0 () Easy: 6 () Normal: 10 () Hard: 15 () Breath attack: 6 () after a half-second Exploding fireball attack: 12 () after minecraft
Enchantments "Flame" redirects here. For the non-solid damage-dealing block, see Fire. “ How does enchanting work in Minecraft? Well, you open a magical book and pick a random spell, not quite sure knowing what it will minecraft
Igloos Igloo Biome Ice Plains, Cold Taiga Consists of Snow White Carpet Light Gray Carpet Ice (Packed Ice in Pocket Edition.) Redstone Torch Furnace Bed (Brown Bed, Light Blue Bed or White Bed) in Pocket Edition. minecraft
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****- ***--
--** *-*
*-** -**
--*** ***--
  • Now:
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  • The “buff bar” at the top of the screen now properly respects hidden & ambient effects.


26 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.9
  • MC-2034 – Brewing stands` input slots do not have normal stacking behavior.
  • MC-2729 – Normal glass block is darker than the glass panel / glass panel brighter than glass block.
  • MC-3706 – Items `walking` randomly / Paintings and item frames fly when broken.
  • MC-29844 – Big Oak Trees fail to generate in Forest Biomes.
  • MC-45375 – Improper Cake Texture.
  • MC-50344 – Incorrect Texture Mapping on Some Blocks.
  • MC-58192 – Brewing stand bottle model rendering incorrect.
  • MC-66485 – Bad Texture Projection in East and West Directions (Severe Model Bug).
  • MC-72562 – Invisible rain by the world end.
  • MC-81067 – Entities and particles turning black at eye level Y=256.
  • MC-82009 – World end lighting
From the 1.5 development versions
  • MC-9496 – Bucket can`t fill up from right-clicking a full cauldron
From the 1.8 development versions
  • MC-58634 – Command block previous output doesn`t update properly after setblock.
From the 1.9 development versions
  • MC-84069 – Beacon effects constantly blinking even while in range of the beacon.
  • MC-84735 – Z-Fighting at top of Cobblestone Wall.
  • MC-86838 – Status effect HUD background is asymmetrical, border is cut off on one side.
  • MC-87566 – Delayed "SuccessCount:1" CommandBlock Update.
  • MC-87849 – FallingSand command block gimmick removed between SSs w35b/w35c
  • MC-89249 – The platform of "The Void" worlds sometimes generates not fully
  • MC-89647 – Pick block on items outside the hotbar visually replaces armor/crafting slot with duplicate of the stack that was picked.
  • MC-90478 – Summoned ItemFrames, Paintings and LeashKnots have the wrong position.
  • MC-91093 – Music disk description names missing - item.record.waitdesc
  • MC-91221 – unintended changes in mob drops with loot tables.
From the previous development version
  • MC-91310 – LootTable does not respect rolls.
  • MC-91316 – `Mending` is impossibly rare.
  • MC-91448 – Can`t add Mending enchant to shields.