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Jun. 25, 2014

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1.8 1.8 Official name Bountiful Update Type Release Release date Sep. 2, 2014 1] Development versions View all Snapshots 14w02a 14w02b 14w02c 14w03a 14w03b 14w04a 14w04b 14w05a 14w05b 14w06a 14w06b 14w07a 14w08a 14w10a 14w10b 14w10c 14w11a minecraft


Client (.json)

14w26a is the twenty-ninth snapshot released for 1.8. This snapshot is the first after a decision to releaseAnnounce snapshots on Wednesdays rather than on Thursdays.

It is strongly advised to make a backup of a world before using this snapshot, because of block-corrupting problems that were not corrected until 14w26c 14w26c Type Snapshot Release date Jun. 26, 2014 Snapshot for 1.8 Download Client (.json) Server ◄◄ 1.7.10 ◄ 14w26b 14w27a ► 1.8.1 ►► See the computer edition. For other editions, see Version minecraft .

A potential means of recovering corrupted worlds using MCEdit The contents of this page are not supported by Mojang AB, the Minecraft Wiki, the Minecraft IRC channel or the Minecraft Forums. Contents 1 Mappers 2 Map Viewers 3 Map Editors 4 Map Generators Mappers minecraft was made available by a Reddit user, on this thread.





47 bugs fixed

From released versions before 1.8

  • MC-5164 – Strength and weakness potions do not work on aggressive wolves
  • MC-5525 – Some sounds play at a low volume
  • MC-8987 – Flame-enchanted bows don`t activate TNT minecarts
  • MC-22586/spreadplayers command doesn`t accept relative coords for x and z parameters
  • MC-35431/tellraw commandblockoutput

From the 1.8 snapshots

  • MC-46244 – Command block bug - new particle feature
  • MC-46851 – Potion effect particles stay in spectator mode
  • MC-51788/playsound doesn`t work with relative coords
  • MC-55589/particle doesn`t work with some entities
  • MC-55625/playsound relative to entity does not work
  • MC-56294 – "Are you sure you want to open the following website?" buttons are offset
  • MC-56862 – Guardian doesn`t die on land and can swim in lava
  • MC-56877 – Snow Golem has a broken head
  • MC-56941 – Floating torch
  • MC-57033 – Game crashes when new chunks are loaded
  • MC-57117 – Item frame backgrounds are black on server
  • MC-57188 – Wearing Pumpkins on your head, pumpkins are huge and upside down
  • MC-57256 – Placed anvil is rotated by 90₰
  • MC-57966 – Block icons in statistics and flatland GUI rendering wrong
  • MC-57670 – The player no longer sinks into the first layer of stacked snow
  • MC-57685 – Water dungeons cannot be turned off using world customization
  • MC-57854 – Stained glass panes particles uncolored
  • MC-58130 – Chunks only render in the direction you are facing
  • MC-58136 – Pumpkin / melon stems rendering incorrectly
  • MC-58537 – Supplemental selectors in /scoreboard teams join & leave don`t work with the @e selector
  • MC-58637FallingSand - only top side of block has a texture

From the previous snapshot

  • MC-57822 – Cocoa beans have wrong orientation
  • MC-57829 – Lever on slab is upside down
  • MC-57841/give`ing written book with JSON data will show "Invalid Item" when hovered on in chat
  • MC-57843 – Written book with JSON data not formatting right
  • MC-57866 – Written books with JSON don`t get created correctly (no color and styles)
  • MC-57868 – Stained glass pane are dropping white glass pane
  • MC-57870/testforblocks broken
  • MC-57882 – Empty line in creative inventory
  • MC-57883 – The barrier blocks particles for being broken are purple and black checkered
  • MC-57916 – Iron Golems don`t require air blocks to be besides their head when placing the head block
  • MC-57917 – Drying a wet sponge in furnace with a stack of buckets below will cause them to disappear and leave a singular water bucket
  • MC-57986 – Stacked buckets bug
  • MC-58025 – Losing my buckets from sponge
  • MC-58048 – Acacia and dark oak logs mined with silk touch show the MissingTexture
  • MC-58060 – Summoning FallingSand with TileID as chest, trapped chest, ender chest, lava and water crashes game
  • MC-58066 – Right-click with bow when no arrows in inventory
  • MC-58140 – Repeater will show comparator texture when unpowered, delay:4 and locked
  • MC-58191 – Can walk through snow layer (Block meta 7)
  • MC-58196 – Fishing rod and carrot on a stick rendering incorrectly in 3rd person
  • MC-58229 – Scores in written books don`t work properly when on a server
  • MC-58493 – BUD creates double redstone drops when activated