14w06b is the eleventh snapshot for 1.8 1.8 Official name Bountiful Update Type Release Release date Sep. 2, 2014 1] Development versions View all Snapshots 14w02a 14w02b 14w02c 14w03a 14w03b 14w04a 14w04b 14w05a 14w05b 14w06a 14w06b 14w07a 14w08a 14w10a 14w10b 14w10c 14w11a minecraft , and was released to fix some of the bugs and crashes in the 14w06a 14w06a Type Snapshot Release date Feb. 6, 2014 Snapshot for 1.8 Download Client (.json) Server ◄◄ 1.7.10 ◄ 14w05b 14w06b ► 1.8.1 ►► See the computer edition. For other editions, see Version minecraft snapshot.


46 bugs fixed

From released versions before 1.8

  • MC-1893 – If you sneak, buckets will place water/lava/lily pads at the position you would point at if you wouldn`t sneak
  • MC-3230 – Black (squares?) on 3rd person view
  • MC-4077 – Player hitboxes in debug mode are rendered too high
  • MC-4767 – Shadow on the block above your head
  • MC-8898 – Player hitbox is rendered in inventory
  • MC-19886 – Plants don`t cause an update when the block beneath is broken/light level changed
  • MC-29515 – When Tracking stat.craftItem. Shift-Clicking Counts 2
  • MC-29796 – Snowing causes water drips
  • MC-40367/tellraw @a throwing NPE when no players online
  • MC-41917 – Unable to play sound: "minecraft.damage" (When attacking other players) (SMP and in Singleplayer)
  • MC-41962 – Water (texture?) bug!
  • MC-44166 – Scoreboard Objectives Inaccurate in Smelting Objectives
  • MC-44727 – Block IDs that don`t exist as an item crash Superflat customisation GUI

From the 1.8 snapshots

  • MC-46410 – Changing gamemode while in the view of a mob in spectator mode does not perform as expected
  • MC-46411 – Spectator Mode Remaining in Mob and "Attempting to attack an invalid entity"
  • MC-46413 – Exiting spectator mode does not restore UI
  • MC-46422 – Barrier have shadows
  • MC-46511 – Double renamed trapped chest not double in spec mode
  • MC-46847 – Item frame perspective in spectator mode is too high
  • MC-46883 – Andesite looks like desert on the map
  • MC-46970/scoreboard objectives add ~ stat.damageTaken ~ Doesn`t work

From the previous snapshot

  • MC-47427 – Game crashes when breaking some blocks
  • MC-47428 – Weird slimeblock texture
  • MC-47429 – I don`t get what happened, i was in my test world flying around and it crashed, for two times
  • MC-47430 – When i click on a previous 1.8 snapshot world it crashes
  • MC-47434 – Wrong dirt texture
  • MC-47438 – Game crash while killing slimes
  • MC-47440Hopper: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: n must be positive
  • MC-47442 – Shadow in Inventory
  • MC-47448 – Standing in minecarts
  • MC-47457 – Mining blocks causes crash
  • MC-47459 – Pistons not placing correctly
  • MC-47464 – Block side shading not being applied in Fast with no smooth lighting
  • MC-47466 – Crash "Tesselating block in world" with following world seed
  • MC-47468 – Constant Crash back to MC Launcher Screen
  • MC-47469 – Cactus in pot shows incorrect texture
  • MC-47470 – Two tall flowers variants are not generating.
  • MC-47471 – Weird visual flash bug when mining Glowstone / Block mine crash
  • MC-47477 – Smooth Lighting OFF
  • MC-47482 – Signs display Redstone Block particle when broken
  • MC-47489 – Fishing rod does not cast
  • MC-47492 – The Brightness.. or shading.. broken..
  • MC-47505 – Slimes shadow
  • MC-47539 – No break texture when mining stone
  • MC-47542 – Capes don`t display correctly when crouched
  • MC-47542 – Crash sometimes when placing torches