13w39a is the eighth snapshot released for 1.7.2 1.7.2 Official name The Update that Changed the World Release date Oct. 25, 2013 1] Development versions View all Snapshots 13w36a 13w36b 13w37a 13w37b 13w38a 13w38b 13w38c 13w39a 13w39b 13w41a 13w41b 13w42a 13w42b 13w43a Pre-releases minecraft .





9 bugs fixed

From released versions before 1.7

  • MC-673 – Sky/lighting doesn`t get darker during a thunderstorm
  • MC-1105 – Villagers act like it is raining when they are in the desert, and it rains elsewhere
  • MC-28405 – The saddle equip sound effect does not play when equipping a pig with a saddle.

From the 1.7 snapshots

  • MC-29521 – Rain doesn`t make particles/sound in some biomes (extreme hills)
  • MC-31418 – Snow golems die in extreme hills snow
  • MC-31432 – XP orb sound bug
  • MC-31438 – Enemy Monster slider controls the sound of items entering one`s inventory

From the previous snapshot