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10 bugs fixed

From released versions before 1.5.1

  • MC-250 – Ender Dragon can still grief stuff like cobblestone and chests even if the gamerule mobGriefing is set on false.
  • MC-4577 – Unable to combine enchanted books for a higher level enchant.
  • MC-6391 – Fire on hopper not visible
  • MC-6705 – If you use an external editing tool (MCEdit) to give an enchanted book with multiple enchantments, and you try to combine it with an item, it will only enchant it with the first enchantment on the list.
  • MC-8193 – Hopper doesn`t try to place items from other slots if unable from first.
  • MC-8943 – Fire doesn`t show on 8 layered snow and hopper
  • MC-11089 – Long scoreboard objective titles can be offset screen
  • MC-11109 – Breaking a Container with Items that is connected via a solid block with a Comparator does not update the Comparator
  • MC-11217 – Falling Block entities start visually falling from 1 block higher than they were placed
  • MC-11236 – Paintings popping out / cannot place new ones