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22 bugs fixed

From released versions before 1.5

  • MC-737 – Map scaling breaks the map sometimes
  • MC-1086 – FIXED Command block/Repeater acting weirdly
  • MC-1642 – Minecart noise gets stuck on long cart rides. | Bumping, choppy sound
  • MC-1972 – Redstone torch sometimes update instantly (not the North/South quirk)
  • MC-2257 – Minecraft VERY slow to join/update a server, takes LONG time to login (30 seconds/ 1 min)
  • MC-2526 – Rain animation glitches through the ceiling
  • MC-2806 – Anvils will sometimes hit the edge of a block and break instead of being placed.
  • MC-3597 – Floating minecart tracls when pushed by one-pulse piston
  • MC-3662 – Pistons and other Non-Solid blocks
  • MC-4752 – Failed to save player profile
  • MC-5691 – 1.4.6 - Windowsis a separate viewing area on a computer display screen in a system that allows multiple viewing areas as part of a graphical user interface 8 64x - Mouse: View issues/Accuracy error?
  • MC-6131 – Crash upon reloading texture pack
  • MC-6699 – Reading Bytes in Minecraft code has a possible flaw

From the 1.5 snapshots

  • MC-5722 – Destroying a Daylight Sensor by hand works as quick as with a pickaxe, but only using a pickaxe the item drops
  • MC-5777 – Game stop reading clicks when you are clicking very fast
  • MC-5788 – Inactive detector rail outputs redstone through block
  • MC-5874 – Shift Left Double-click

From the previous snapshot

  • MC-5998 – Item duplication by using the hopper
  • MC-6125 – Adding an item to the chest decreases output signal level
  • MC-6165 – Comparators cannot determine if a container is empty
  • MC-6202 – Extreme Cactus Growth
  • MC-6265 – Hoppers can be used as fuel in furnaces