12w41a is the twelfth snapshot released for 1.4.2 1.4.2 Official name Pretty Scary Update Release date Oct. 25, 2012 1] Development versions View all Snapshots 12w32a 12w34a 12w34b 12w36a 12w37a 12w38a 12w38b 12w39a 12w39b 12w40a 12w40b 12w41a 12w41b 12w42a 12w42b Pre-releases 1.4-pre 1.4.1-pre minecraft .


  • Added a new Anvil Block Anvil Transparency Yes Luminance No Blast resistance 6,000 Tool Renewable Yes Stackable Yes (64), same damage state only Flammable No Drops Itself Data value dec: 145 hex: 91 bin: 10010001 Name anvil See the item minecraft for repairing, merging & naming items.
    • Three different damage states: Anvil, Slightly Damaged Anvil, and Very Damaged Anvil.
    • Anvils can not only rename tools and armor, but any item.
      • Renamed placeable items will not retain their name if placed.
    • Anvils can merge enchantments
      • Items with two different enchantments will give an item with both
      • Items with the same enchantment will increase the level of the enchantment if they have the same level or take only the highest if they don`t
      • Some enchantments can be lost during the merging because of incompatibility (ex: Sharpness I + Smite I)
        • The first item seems to have the priority (the lost enchantments are on the second item)
    • Anvils can also be dropped in a similar manner to Sand, Gravel, and Dragon Eggs.
      • When landing on a mob, the anvil will deal damage relative to the distance it fell.
  • Creepers now can have custom explosion radius and fuse timer using edited mob spawners and NBT tags (ExplosionRadius & Fuse).



  • Renamed "Chat Settings" to "Multiplayer Settings".
    • Contains the old chat settings menu.
    • Option for cape-owners to hide their capes ingame.
  • Tweaks to debugging
    • F3+H now shows tool and armor durability on damaged items ⃢₀ₓ On maps it shows the zoom level.
    • Now shows which cardinal direction the player is facing on the f value.
    • The pie chart on the F3 overlay is now shown when opening it using shift+F3 instead of vice versa.
  • Mobs no longer forget that they are aggressive against a player in Creative mode after a few seconds anymore.
  • Potion-like effects given by the Beacon now use semi-transparent particles, to be less intrusive.
    • Normal potions remain unchanged.
  • Level-up sound now only plays every 5 levels and has been tweaked.
  • Experience can now be gained by breeding animals


4 bugs fixed

  • When placing the Anvil in mid air in a certain orientation the entity will be sideways until it lands.
  • Breaking the block under any Anvil resets it to a regular Anvil.
  • When using the /kill command an error appears, when holding a block it gives the normal message but you don`t die.
  • When in a multiplayer server and trying to rename an item, if entire name is erased the client will crash.