1.8.8 is an update to Minecraft Minecraft Author(s) Mojang AB (Credits) Markus "Notch" Persson (Creator) Jens "Jeb" Bergensten (Lead Developer) Jon "jonkagstrom" Kågström (AI Programmer) Nathan "Dinnerbone" Adams Erik "Grum" Broes Michael "Searge" Stoyke Thomas "ProfMobius" Guimbretière Agnes "LadyAgnes" Larsson Maria minecraft that was released on Jul. 28, 2015 to mainly fix security bugs. 1.8.8 is compatible with servers running 1.8 – 1.8.7. While it was not the last update to 1.8, it was the last one before the snapshots of 1.9 started.





Banners Banner Type Non-Solid Block Physics No Transparency Yes Luminance No Blast resistance 5 Hardness 1 Tool Renewable Yes Stackable Yes (16) Flammable No, but catches fire from lava First appearances See history Drops Itself Block minecraft
  • Only up to 16 layers are rendered now.
Resource packs See the system to customize assets since 1.6.1. For the system used before 1.6.1, see Texture pack. The default textures, with a custom resource pack (DokuCraft) in the center. The resource pack minecraft
  • Now display an error if the pack version number is not 1.
    • Resource packs that do not match the version now require user acknowledgment to use.
      • Resource packs that were selected in an different version are unselected automatically.


38 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.8.8
  • MC-13884 – Hanging Snow Golems Don`t Throw Snowballs
  • MC-27699 – Can`t give colored armor with command blocks.
  • MC-31158 – releaseAnnounce the control key before releasing the mouse is interpreted as holding down (mac)
  • MC-33450 – Cannot place blocks on 255th layer
  • MC-38041 – Eating when going through portal plays the sound continuously though credits
  • MC-43012 – glass pane z-fighting with itself
  • MC-46616 – Beacon block`s beam flickers and glitches
  • MC-47585 – Derailed minecarts sink into the ground
  • MC-47854 – Baby cows are committing suicide
  • MC-48881 – Placing Heads with NBT Data doesn`t work.
  • MC-51447 – Custom 3d Model Lighting Bug on smooth lighting
  • MC-65621 – Armor Stands are not removed while falling in the void
  • MC-66193 – Armor Stands Make a Sound Like a Player Falling (Splat) When they Fall
  • MC-70813 – Chests missing when upgrading world from 1.7.x to 1.8
  • MC-71938 – Unable to test ArmorStand for team
  • MC-72217 – ownerName tag isn`t effected by /entitydata
  • MC-72554 – Wrong Minecart position after placing
  • MC-73110 – Unicode characters not supported in realms description/name
  • MC-73731 – Player heads with empty SkullOwner strings cause severe rendering glitches
  • MC-74471 – Server list doesn`t close opened connections properly
  • MC-74580 – Marker Tag doesn`t make hitbox small anymore
  • MC-74729 – Hopper priorities change
  • MC-75236 – Crash when fireball hits player with Thorns
  • MC-76907 – Block Reach is a block too short when facing up while on a horse.
  • MC-78967 – You can only configure 3 mouse buttons
  • MC-80817 – Server Does Not Start - OSHI / JNA - java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError
  • MC-81080 – Client Resource Reload Upon Disconnection
From the 1.7.2 development versions
  • MC-31569 – Summoning a stacked entity can create a improper error message
From the 1.8 development versions
  • MC-57677 – water/lava springs not updating at world gen
From the 1.8.1 development versions
  • MC-73269 – Glitchy item drops in 1.8.1-pre2
From the 1.8.2 development versions
  • MC-75908 – Custom Item Models Render Small as Dropped, Framed, etc
From the current version, hotfixed
  • MC-86894 – Realms backups replaced when resetting world
  • MC-87317 – Player list hover text shows when it shouldn`t do on realms.
  • MC-89108 – Minecraft Realms Server Backup Bug
  • MC-91575 – Realms: Operation in progress in the server - 403
Private issues
  • MC-81018 – Potential server crashing exploit
  • MC-81405 – Client crashing exploit
  • MC-82629 – Lag exploit with banners