Mark Of Nature Hearthstone

mark of nature

Demolisher (Demolisher) Hearthstone

Demolisher Set: Classic Type: Minion Subtype: Mech Rarity: Rare Cost: 3 Attack: 1 Health: 4 Abilities: Deal damage Tags: Random, Triggered effect At the start of your turn, deal 2 damage to a random enemy.Laying
Beta test (Beta test) Hearthstone

A beta test, or beta, is the phase of development after alpha testing but before launch, in which software is released to a group of potential users for testing. Hearthstone s beta test began in the
Flavor text (Flavor text) Hearthstone

Flavor text is supplementary text displayed in the Collection, for each collectible card and hero. Almost always comical in nature, flavor text serves no game purpose and is not seen outside the Collection. For a
Mark of the Lotus (Mark of the Lotus) Hearthstone

Mark of the Lotus Set: Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Type: Spell Class: Druid Rarity: Common Cost: 1 Tags: Area of effect Give your minions +1/+1.The mark of the Lotus is a little flower drawn in
Quest Log (Quest Log) Hearthstone

The Quest Log The Quest Log lists the player s current quests, as well as the level of each of their heroes and their current rank, medal and number of wins for Play mode and Arena.
The Black Knight (The Black Knight) Hearthstone

The Black Knight Set: Classic Type: Minion Rarity: Legendary Cost: 6 Attack: 4 Health: 5 Abilities: Battlecry, Destroy Tags: Taunt-related Battlecry: Destroy an enemy minion with Taunt.He was sent by the Lich King to disrupt
Tomb Spider (Tomb Spider) Hearthstone

Tomb Spider Set: The League of Explorers Type: Minion Subtype: Beast Rarity: Common Cost: 4 Attack: 3 Health: 3 Abilities: Battlecry, Discover Tags: Beast-generating Battlecry: Discover a Beast.Less serious than its cousin, the Grave Spider.See
Vaporize (Vaporize) Hearthstone

Vaporize Set: Classic Type: Spell Class: Mage Rarity: Rare Cost: 3 Abilities: Destroy, Secret Tags: Combat-related, Triggered effect Secret: When a minion attacks your hero, destroy it.Rumor has it that Deathwing brought about the Cataclysm
RNG (RNG) Hearthstone

"I think it’s important for there to be some kind of randomness in the game. I think it creates great stories and I don’t think you want a game that is entirely no RNG. Heck,
The Mistcaller (The Mistcaller) Hearthstone

The Mistcaller Set: The Grand Tournament Type: Minion Class: Shaman Rarity: Legendary Cost: 6 Attack: 4 Health: 4 Abilities: Battlecry Battlecry: Give all minions in your hand and deck +1/+1.Calling the mist doesn t sound all