General Minion Hearthstone

general minion

Krizgut (Krizgut) Hearthstone

Krizgut is a goblin "inventory manager" responsible for securing the Welcome Bundle deal. 1] 2] Notes edit | edit source] Krizgut may be in charge of the Shop in general, or simply be in charge
Embrace the Shadow (Embrace the Shadow) Hearthstone

Embrace the Shadow Set: Whispers of the Old Gods Type: Spell Class: Priest Rarity: Epic Cost: 2 Abilities: Modify Hero Power Tags: Damage-related, Healing-related, Hero Power-related, Ongoing effect This turn, your healing effects deal damage
Win condition (Win condition) Hearthstone

A win condition is a specific means or strategy by which a deck can achieve victory. Decks may have one or more win conditions, and a win condition may be a specific aim of the
Reversing Switch (Reversing Switch) Hearthstone

Reversing Switch Set: Goblins vs Gnomes Type: Spell Cost: 1 Swap a minion s Attack and Health.See this card on Hearthpwn data page] Reversing Switch is an uncollectible neutral spell card, from the Goblins vs Gnomes
Steward of Darkshire (Steward of Darkshire) Hearthstone

Steward of Darkshire Set: Whispers of the Old Gods Type: Minion Class: Paladin Rarity: Rare Cost: 3 Attack: 3 Health: 3 Abilities: Divine Shield Tags: Summoning-related, Triggered effect Whenever you summon a 1-Health minion, give
Imp (Imp Gang Boss) (Imp (Imp Gang Boss)) Hearthstone

Imp Set: Blackrock Mountain Type: Minion Subtype: Demon Class: Warlock Cost: 1 Attack: 1 Health: 1 See this card on Hearthpwn data page] For the identically-named Imps, see Imp (Imp Master) and Imp (Imp-losion). For
Princess Huhuran (Princess Huhuran) Hearthstone

Princess Huhuran Set: Whispers of the Old Gods Type: Minion Subtype: Beast Class: Hunter Rarity: Legendary Cost: 5 Attack: 6 Health: 5 Abilities: Battlecry Tags: Deathrattle-related Battlecry: Trigger a friendly minion s Deathrattle effect immediately.She flitters
Bad manners (Bad manners) Hearthstone

Bad manners, commonly abbreviated to BM, is a term used to describe intentionally obnoxious behaviour within Hearthstone. Players may BM in order to frustrate or irritate the opponent, to gloat and revel in their victory,
Cyclopian Horror (Cyclopian Horror) Hearthstone

Cyclopian Horror Set: Whispers of the Old Gods Type: Minion Rarity: Epic Cost: 4 Attack: 3 Health: 3 Abilities: Battlecry, Taunt Tags: Battlefield-related Taunt. Battlecry: Gain +1 Health for each enemy minion.What are the qualifications
Obsidian Destroyer (Obsidian Destroyer) Hearthstone

Obsidian Destroyer Set: The League of Explorers Type: Minion Class: Warrior Rarity: Common Cost: 7 Attack: 7 Health: 7 Abilities: Summon Tags: Taunt-generating, Triggered effect At the end of your turn, summon a 1/1 Scarab