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Yong Woo

As a senior producer on Blizzard Entertainment`s Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft team, Yong Woo is responsible for managing the team⃢₀ₙs schedule and keeping the project on track. He also works in Live Operations, making sure Hearthstone is running stably and that problems are handled expediently.

Woo joined Blizzard Entertainment in May 2009, serving as producer for the art and design team for StarCraft II Battle.net integration. Before arriving at Blizzard, he was involved in mobile startups, shipping the first phone with preloaded GPS enabled @@@#@@@Google(google.com)###@### Maps in the U.S.

In addition to computer games, Woo`s interests include board and card games like Netrunner, Race for the Galaxy, and Dominion. He⃢₀ₙs also been known to dabble in triathlons as well as rock climbing.



  • Before Hearthstone, Woo worked on Starcraft II and Diablo III.
  • In late 2016 Woo was promoted from Senior Game Producer to Lead Producer.


The team gather round to watch Yong Woo play
  • Woo describes himself as "kind of obsessed with playing Priest". Priest was Woo`s first level 60 class and first golden hero. In 2014 he ran a #PriestRevolution campaign on Twitter.
  • Woo can sometimes be found streaming his Hearthstone play on Twitch.
  • Woo grew up in Dℂⅺsseldorf, Germany.

Card art

The art for Yong Woo`s credits card Credits cards are non-playable cards that depict prominent members of the Hearthstone development team. These cards are not found in play, but are displayed in random order during the game s credits, accessed through the Options hearthstone was created by Dan Scott Dan Scott is the artist for the cards listed here. Contents 1 Cards 2 Uncollectible cards 3 Boss 3.1 Hero Powers 3.2 Cards 3.3 Removed 4 Credits and debug cards 5 External links Cards Uncollectible hearthstone .


Leaving work after a busy week working on Hearthstone in 2014
Woo`s 5-year sword
Nov. 2014
Credits card artwork